Friday, December 18, 2009

What's not for sale.

You can't buy a promise.
Not a compromise or a concern.
You can't buy an effort.
Can't buy effection, can't buy care.
You can't buy love, just rent out fake versions of it.
You can't buy talent. Either you have it or you haven't.
Can't buy a memory, those are paid for as they approach.
You can never buy honesty, Those people are what they are.
You actually can't buy anything. Weeds grow where weeds will grow.
Roses sometimes grow on rose bushes and then again, sometimes they don't.
I guess all you can do is try sometimes to forget and give it up.
Narrow is the path to walk and acceptance is the stream.
Wash your face, show nothing there. Life will be as it will be.

The end...

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