Friday, September 9, 2011

10 basic mistakes painters make, or 10 tips for more successful painting.

This is not a beginners lesson and I don't like the name given to it.
I would rather look at it as advice than criticism.

Hope you like it :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Edit, convert, build scenes, make effects, all for FREE from DebugMode

Here to tell you about some fantastic video editing software and it's all FREE from the Satish Kumar at DebugMod.

I really have no idea who he is, but I'd like to chat with him some day. He's putting out some excellent software and he aint in it for the buck. I admire that (I also know he needs some bucks to survive too)

Below I'll give my weak version of an intro into some of his software. Next the page links and at the bottom a few vids that you can watch for a little jump start from the experienced editing artists to get you started.

Wax 2.0 is (as I said) free. It handles many file types (codecs) and even more than that it allows you to decide the output frame sixe. Not many others allow that. It is also pretty fast compared to all the crap I've bought and after installing I notice no change in my computers speed or performance.

WinMorph is an addon for WAX and it also works as a standalone package. After installing, it will see what else you have that it can or cannot work with (you decide if you want the plugins attached to other programs or not). It found my Adobe Premier and CS5,  it also found my Ulead Video Studio 8. I allowed the plugins, but haven't tried them out on the others yet.

The Presets I don't remember how I found, might even be in with the plugins page.

The other two are what I call extra's. FrameServer will allow you to dismantle video content for use in maling animated gifs, scenes or to merge in as transitional effects. I use VLC myself for stealing frames, but I'll try that one out later anyway. Wink is a sort of capturing device. It allows for you to add in buttons and with it you can build swf files, pdf's presentation files and many other choices. It is (as I understand), mostly used for making tutorials. I think I fould find other uses for it as well, but that's getting off-topic.

Beyond that Satish has a few others. I'll look into them later, or you can do it yourself any time you want on his home page [HERE]


How To Add Special Effects To Videos For Free

Green screen effect

NOTE:All of the tutorial vids I shared I got from HowCast, I even joined. There might be other sections on there, but the video how-to's start page is [HERE].

Hope you enjoyed this and pass it on,,,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The (real) History of The Federal Reserve [Full Film]

This post is for you Chris Hon. It isn't the best version I have, best meaning "most entertaining". Still it's factual & interesting.

Enjoy Hon,,,
((((((Hugs and a KOTC)))))))

You can download a copy of it in flv format [here], or you can email me for DVD Quality avi or DivX format