Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot [Full Post]

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
 The Alan Parsons Project was a British progressive rock band, active between 1975 and 1990, consisting of Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons surrounded by a varying number of session musicians.
Behind the revolving lineup and the regular sidemen, the true core of the Project was the duo of Parsons and Woolfson. Woolfson was a lawyer by profession, but also a composer and pianist. Parsons was a successful producer and accomplished engineer. Almost all songs on the band's albums are credited to "Woolfson/Parsons".

That was from Wiki's page [here]

They and it seems everyone lists the Album I Robot as being released in 1977. I know damn well that my copy was from mid summer 1975.

I had been hit by a car in the last week of April of that year hitchhiking down in Florida and it crushed my leg, leaving me in a full cast, also leaving me trapped and forced to go home.

That was an awesome year for me, but sometimes it was frustrating and overwhelming. I heard this album and at first thought "Well this has gotta suck!", but as I listened more to it I began to relate with the breakdown, losing my thread, no-one understands the words that I say and then the best part.. "I don't care what you do, I wouldn't want to be like you". Now this album had become an icon for me. It was my own freakin revolution and I loved it and I still didn't want to talk to you...

I honestly feel that this album is timeless. It will always have a message for those trapped in frustration along down the road and that it belongs up there on the top shelf along with all the other greatest works in the art archives labeled "Finest Music"

I usually post these little players with the settings of 325 X 20 pixels, because it just looks cleaner that way to me, the 20 pixels is roughly the space required to show only the top edging border and the lower tool bar section. In between though there is the area I almost never show and in that field there is a visualization that's actually pretty good. It goes with the music and it's got a few transitions, but mostly it's similar to Andy O'Meara's early version of G-Force, [download the newest trial version here] Anyway, I sized these 325 X 325 to allow for the effects.

Sista Lea, yer gonna love this one too...
Title: I Robot
Track Number: 1
Title: I woudn't want to be like you
Track Number: 2
Title: Some other time
Track Number: 3
Title: Breakdown
Track Number: 4
Title: Don't let it show
Track Number: 5
 Title: The voice
Track Number: 6
Title: Nucleus
Track Number: 7
Title: Day after day
Track Number: 8
Title: Total eclipse
Track Number: 9
Title: Genesis Chapter:1, Verse:32
Track Number: 10

All files are....Bit Rate: 160 kbps & Sample Rate: 44100