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Comments on a Militia Presence post follow...

Here's the post, my comments inserted in italics.

Ongoing Militia Presence Raises Fears Among Locals Near Bundy Ranch

By David Neiwert on April 30, 2014 - 11:15 am, Posted in AntigovernmentMilitias

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Cliven Bundy with militia supporters

People (Which "people"?) in rural southeastern Nevada and the surrounding area are not accustomed to being the center of national media attention (would they prefer to have their land and property taken from them by the BLM and a media black-out so that nobody hears about it?), as they have increasingly been since their neighbor, rancher Cliven Bundy, began his notorious standoff with federal authorities. But what bothers them now is the threatening presence of armed militiamen who have taken up semi-permanent residency at Bundy’s ranch.

Some (name a few please?) local residents, in fact, are complaining that the militiamen are setting up armed checkpoints and detaining people as they travel to their homes, asking for proof that they live nearby before allowing them to proceed. However, the militiamen themselves deny this, and investigating news crews have not found any evidence of it.

What these locals can say with certainty, though, is that the circus surrounding the standoff and the militias’ refusal to leave is not only disrupting their normally quiet lives, it is costing them money.

Congressman Steve Horsford of Las Vegas ( Isn't he just a paid public speaker anyway, of course he's going to be outspoken and criticizing, it's what he gets paid to do.), has been outspoken in criticizing the militiamen, charging that local residents have been confronted by militiamen who have set up armed checkpoints and demanded that they prove they live in the area before being allowed to pass. Horsford also says the militias have created a “persistent presence” along federal highways and state and county roads.

Horsford has demanded that Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie crack down on the outsiders, saying they make local residents feel unsafe.

“I am greatly concerned about the safety and well-being of my constituents after meeting with local community members this past week. I urge Sheriff Gillespie to investigate these reports, as this sort of intimidation cannot be tolerated,” Horsford said.

“We must respect individual constitutional liberties, but residents of and visitors to Clark County should not be expected to live under the persistent watch of an armed militia,” Horsford wrote in a letter to Gillespie. “Residents have expressed their desire to see these groups leave their community. I urge you to investigate these reports and to work with local leaders to ensure that their concerns are addressed in a manner that allows the community [to] move forward without incident.”

They aren’t the only residents who feel threatened. According to a report from KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, the militiamen have also threatened people who live in the nearby town of Mesquite, and businesses there claim they have lost over $100,000 (Looks like free advertising to me, but prove it anyway) because of their presence.

The station reported that a local hotel was forced to evacuate all of its clients one evening following a bomb threat. The hotel also received at least nine threatening calls after it permitted Bureau of Land Management rangers to stay there. The callers demanded the BLM rangers be kicked out or the hotel “would not be standing in the morning. (aww, c'mon. Bomb threats are serious and they result in arrests after one call, they don't wait for call number 3 or ever allow nine!)

One hotel worker told the news crew he had been told by an anonymous militia member that he would be “dragged out in the parking lot and shot”.

News crews were unable to find any (Couldn't find any of those  instances of persistent presence” or "persistent watch" is what I think they're trying to say...) armed checkpoints when they went out searching for them. A militia group spokesman named Ryan Payne denied to KVVU-TV that they were conducting such checks.

“We are not to set up checkpoints, we are not to pull over civilians, without, you know, reasonable cause,” Payne said. Of course, militiamen have no legal right to pull anyone over – with or without reasonable cause.

But local residents remain far from assured. “We are not a playground for armed militias,” Horsford said. ("Nah, I understand, you're just a wap land grab deal for the BLM, huh?") “This unfortunate incident and the outside groups that have come for their own agenda are putting a black eye on this community.”
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Disclaimer: The comments above are not necessarily all my own, they are mine shared with others over concerns stemming from the Federal Governments abuse of power in respects to personally own proprty. 

Article copied and used without consent, but only for a means to comment on what was actually said.

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The story of Kings and a King…

Beginning with King Saul, who was anointed as King through the Lords Prophet Samuel.
King Saul refused to follow the instructions of The Lord, because of that The Lord lost favor in him and Samuel went out seeking another king.
He was advised to seek Jesse and to seek from him a son.
Jesse met him and invited him to dine with him that night and his sons. Samuel asked of all of Jesse’s sons would be there, but there were only six and Jesse had seven.
Samuel asked Jesse id he had any more sons. Jesse said he had a youngest son named David who watched the flocks by night.
Samuel went to the flocks in the fields and found David attending there.
After some discussion Samuel gave the blessing of The Lord to David, that he would soon be King.
Saul’s son called for David without knowledge of the blessing and brought David home to King Saul’s side.
Over the period of the  next ten years or so David became a great Warrior and jealousy brewed in Saul’s heart. Some say eventually driving him mad.
Through many complicated phases Saul sought to have David killed.
Eventually Saul and his sons died in one battle and the David was anointed as the Great King of Judah.
The story doesn’t end there. King David later saw Bathsheba  bathing (some say on a rooftop, Second Samuel 11-2 says David saw her from his rooftop. Some stories claim it was through a window). Every version told confirms David committed adultery with her and that this angered Our Lord.
For years David prayed in repentance  and suffered a great deal over that sin.
David eventually had Bathsheba’s husband (Uriah the Hettite) placed in position during a battle where he was sure to be killed. That left Bathsheba to become free to become his wife.
After that One od David's sons Amnon  raped his daughter Tamar. His other son Absalom, Amnon's half-brother and Tamar's full-brother, waits two years, then avenges his sister by sending his servants to kill Amnon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons.
The years now became difficult for David. Absalom took over David’s kingdom and David ended up in exile for a number of years until eventually he returned after Absalom's death.
All of this led up to the greatest King of all, the wisest man that ever lived and that would be the son of King David & Bathsheba,  King Solomon.

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Wiki’s pages follow…
The Prophet Samuel
King Saul
King David
King Solomon

The King James Bible
(This online Bible has a search engine built inside by index and advanced)

NOTE: Please don't take this movie version too seriously. It's obvious that they tried, but nothing compares with the written text in The Bible. This is good, no Great as an introduction. From there you should seek more.

Thank you for reading. I cannot give Gods Blessings, but I can ask that you find them and I do and I will,,,
David K. Rice

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Dandelions, wine, tea, greens for salads and other benefits...


Thinking about the health benefits of dandelion for liver detoxification, weight loss, Cancer, Diabetes and kidneys.    

Considering it's pretty much available for free almost everywhere and it's not illegal "yet" to use for self medicating or general health improvement, it might be worth looking into.

Easy Dandelion Wine

There are methods of brewing this wine that give you a decent tasting wine within about a month to six weeks, but I'd have to locate one of my old friends from Maryland and after twenty years away that's proven to be rather hard.
If you have that version then please email it to me at

Tea, flowers version.
Dandelion Greens.

Dandelion Coffee.

More on the health benefits of Dandelions

Dandelion is most often thought of as a pesky weed that takes over in lawns, gardens, meadows, and even pops up in cracked sidewalks and pavement. It is invasive and pervasive. Lucky for us, it is also an excellent food and herbal medicine that anyone can find, grow, and put to use. 

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Dandelion is a very rich source of beta-carotene which we convert into vitamin A. This flowering plant is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. It is a good place to get B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even vitamin D. Dandelion contains protein too, more than spinach. It has been eaten for thousands of years and used to treat anemia, scurvy, skin problems, blood disorders, and depression.

Seeds grow readily in your garden, planter boxes, or pots. If you collect them wild, try to choose ones you know have not been subjected to pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. The ones in your lawn are not the best. Pick them instead from a mountain meadow or abandoned lot. Seeds can be bought or you can gather them from the familiar puff balls you see each summer. Dandelion leaves can also be found fresh in some health food markets or as a freeze-dried herb. Dandelion tea, capsules, and tinctures are also available. 

Digestive Aid – Dandelion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion, stimulates appetite, and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines. 

Kidney – This weed-like superfood is a diuretic that helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt, and excess water. This inhibits microbial growth in the urinary system too. 

Liver – Dandelion has been shown to improve liver function by removing toxins and reestablishing hydration and electrolyte balance. 

Antioxidants – Every part of the dandelion plant is rich in antioxidants that prevent free-radical damage to cells and DNA, slowing down the aging process in our cells. 

Cancer – Dandelion acts against cancer to slow its growth and prevent its spread. The leaves are especially rich in the antioxidants and phytonutrients that combat cancer. 

Diabetes – Recent animal studies show promise that dandelion helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. High Blood Pressure – As a diuretic dandelion increases urination which then lowers blood pressure. The fiber and potassium in dandelion also regulate blood pressure. 

Cholesterol – Animal studies have shown that dandelion lowers and control cholesterol levels. Gallbladder – Dandelion increases bile production and reduces inflammation to help with gallbladder problems and blockages. 

Inflammation – Dandelion contains essential fatty acids and phytonutrients that reduce inflammation throughout the body. This can relieve pain and swelling. 

Immune System – Animal studies also show that dandelion boosts immune function and fights off microbes and fungi. 

Dandelion leaves, flowers, and roots are all edible. They have a slightly bitter flavor that can be minimized by harvesting them in the fall or spring. Cooking cuts the bitter flavor as well though the leaves make a great addition to raw salads. 

Dandelion is generally considered safe in food and medicinal levels. Some people may have allergic reactions to dandelion. Anyone with an allergy to ragweed, chrysanthemum, marigold, chamomile, yarrow, or daisy should avoid dandelion and anyone pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs should talk to a healthcare professional before adding something new to their diet. 
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