Friday, December 18, 2009

"Five to one baby, one to five. No one here gets out alive...."

James Douglas Morrison....

What a portrait! The man was art. Nothing compared with his unique stance on life.
The kid/guy/man was unique in the fact he saw through the pictures. Very little concern for the outcome or results of the efforts. He was more in sync with just living today and screw tomorrow.

I don't idolize him but wish I was more like him. I think I was once though because as a child I would stand in the rain getting soaked and just accept it. Now I have bullshit goals in a bullshit world. The rain was better...

Nothing changes anything. A fight is just a moment. Most are over in under a minute and nothing ever really hurts except memories. Memories linger on and on forever. Why bother with them? They alter nothing.

I envy him and his fukkit attitude.

I'm gonna just say "fukkit" and play this vid

Fuck you too...

One more,,,

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