Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Theresa means "The harvester" or more commonly known as "The Reaper"

You have in your possession the total cumulative of all the gains of my life. You call that a coincidence or an accident but reality offers me a different opinion. If we were sharing 50% then that would be fair, If you somehow obtained 80% then it would be slanted in your favor but to have 100% it just means you took it all.

Material possession means little to me and you know it. So how do you get more? You take my children. You scrape the skin off of my bones and only leave me narrow and weak.

The seeds that you are planting Hon are the crop from which you will eat. I see the blackest days coming for you now for the way you have lived your life

I'm sorry, but I can't fix you
David King Rice

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