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Some of the truth about Nebraska's policies..(How they Steal children out of families)

Former HHS worker blows whistle on HHS tactics

This picture is mine. It was NOT included in the news article.


Published: Monday, February 14, 2011 10:57 AM CST
NORTH PLATTE - Tawnie Stewart was a caseworker for the state Child Protective Service but left the organization when, she claims, she was told to lie in court about one of her cases.

"That's when I quit," said Stewart, a caseworker for Health and Human Services from 1996-97. "I didn't like anything about it. I was supposed to be working for these mothers to help them get their children back, but I was being told to work against them. I worked with a case plan supervisor who wasn't familiar with cases, but would tell me what to put in it. But the last straw was when I was told I would have to lie on the stand."

Now Stewart is working with a mother who is locked in a battle with the Nebraska Health and Human Service Department to get her children back.

May Lynn Branson, a mother of two children ages 8 and 9, is locked in a dispute to determine if a foster mother in Broken Bow should get guardianship of Branson's children - a decision that could determine if Branson is allowed to see her children in the future.

Branson is supposed to have nightly telephone calls to her children, but phone records indicate the calls are completed only about six times per month. Branson said she is told by the foster mother that she has cell phone issues in her area, yet a check with the phone company indicates full coverage where the foster mom lives. The cell phone company states that no such issues should exist.

When the calls do go through, the foster mother listens on speakerphone. In one recorded conversation, Branson is heard to ask, "You have me on speakerphone again?" at which time the foster mother's voice rings out, "If you don't like, we can cut you off."

Child Protective Services came into Branson's life after a bruise was spotted on one of the children's legs at school. Investigators showed up at her doorstep and Branson, who has a mental disability, agreed to cooperate with requests to temporarily hand over her children.

Stewart said this is a standard practice.

"That's where they get you," said Stewart. "That's their tactics. They are told to tell parents like May Lynn that if they cooperate, things will go better, if not they will file criminal charges. Most people would be afraid at that point and the voluntary cooperation sounds easier, but in fact, it's better if you force them to pursue criminal actions. That way, they at least have to prove what they are saying. Otherwise, they can do what they want."

Workers trained to pressure parents, says whistleblower

Stewart said as part of her initial training, she was told, "Parents don't know their rights and you should take advantage of that by walking all over them," she said.

The Telegraph contacted the Health and Human Services Communications and Legislative Services Director Kathie Osterman for a response to Branson's case. Osterman was provided with these same details and after saying HHS would respond to what they could, did not meet a one-week deadline to provide a response.

Like Brandi Knutson's case (detailed in Saturday's story on the front page of the Telegraph), Branson was given a case plan to follow, but each time the goals of the case plan were met, the goals were changed, according to copies of the case plans. Branson has dealt with 10 different caseworkers over the last several months.

The children too have had a lack of stability, living with different foster families in different cities.

The final case plan written by Branson's current caseworker in December states, "Fair progress is being made to alleviate the causes of out-of-home placement."

Yet in the next paragraph, the caseworker recommends adoption.

Branson admits she needs to improve her living conditions. She said she is making progress with Stewart's help. She wants an opportunity to reunite with her daughters and fears a decision that could take them from her life until they turn 18.

Stewart has offered to become a guardian for the children and wants Branson to live with her and her husband. Branson's outcome will be determined by the court, but whether she has custody or not is the issue for Stewart, who said Branson certainly hasn't done anything to lose a relationship with her children.

"I've known these kids and May Lynn for a long time," said Stewart. "I have a relationship with all of them. She doesn't deserve to not have a relationship with her children. This has to stop. She hasn't done anything to deserve to have those ties to her children broken."

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My comments:

This is not me gloating or bragging that what I have been saying to has finally come out to light. I actually would have preferred that the situation had never come to the point that the D.H.H.S. or our local government or our legal system would feel the need to deceive us or manipulate our families using our children and with slander and with lies.

I'm sure that there was no great grandfather who planed for things to come to this by starting a political policy agenda generations ago. I am saying though that it has come to this and it did start generations ago. Part of the evolution process of any society is the ability to separate from the wrongs within it, to address that that needs to be dealt with as no longer working or as has been abused to the point that it now is causing us harm. I am very sure that the  core of the regulations began with noble intentions and that at the time they were a step in the right direction towards helping families find help, but then came the feeding frenzy. What was once good and designed to provide for those in actual need of was now being used by those with no need for it and those people sought ways to bring those policies further toward their desires to the point that they had begun now to use that safety net designed to help those in need instead into a trap that they now had full control of and now through their molestation of the process it has become a burden to all, including them. That is why I believe that they now feel that they must defend their tactics and usage of these policies with lies and corruption.

I am not happy over have seen any aspect of this because to me and in my head this too is a weight. I have the impulse to look away and ignore all of the traps and scandals, but I also have the God given responsibilities to educate the next generation in the best way available to me. In attempting to do so I am not allowed to simply look away, odd thing too is I am also not allowed to fight it. Any capitulation or involvement in these affairs would make me a willing partner to it in one form or another and guilt is non-proportional, there is no slightly gray area. If you have been a part of something, you yourself have chosen to become a part of a whole, in doing that you share the guilt of every other consenting partner to it. All I can do is teach from it, use the reflection of it as an example of it's function and the cause of it's outcome, with the hope that someone will be less inclined to play a future part in this kind of B.S. later on and eventually the situation will become exposed enough to the point that those who listened and learned will now have a say in a new beginning and an end to the old.

I know I was rambling, that's just me I guess.

Anyway, I have been sharing on this subject for about 6 years now in specific to The State of Nebraska, call it 32+ years if you want to include other related area's like The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I began my challenges with the birth of my son David King Rice around and about the year 1979 in a court battle seeking only visitation privileges with him, but through the lies and manipulations of the legal system and Department of Welfare System in Massachusetts I had to learn how to fight back against the Probate Court and the Social Workers and found no help in doing so. After being threatened with jail and other methods of discouragements I continued to fight to see my son and in the end I won full custody of him from both the Welfare System and his mother. The results of this were that I was the very first father to gain custody of a child out of wedlock in that state and following that court case tens of thousands of other fathers followed suit and based on my results received parental sharing rights that before my case were not even considered an option.

The reason I shared that with you is not as you would think it was intended. I also wanted to point out that during this whole process I was offered to join up with the already pending legal proceedings and work with them within that system of functioning reasonment. I opted out of that 100%, I told them that I would have no part in their priorly influenced actions, that this was my action to and not my reaction to anything they had already initiated. Still they offered and asked and pleaded, even to the point that they offered me a winning side of their situation. I laughed and told them to keep their stuff, because they owned it. After saying that I proved it too and that is how I think things need to be done. Meeting anything half way is also accepting half of the responsibilities for the situation. Accept None, unless you want to yourself become one within it.

For 6 years here in Nebraska I have shared a few things on here about the D.H.H.S. and policies. Here are some other links for you to look at if you are interested...
After looking at the others, I decided that they are not related directly, but look around because there are others on here somewhere that are...

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Nebraska's for sale again!

The following is some of the art work that I've been doing lately and posted on FaceBook. Following will be my explanation as to why.

Above are some of the variations featuring both the puppet and  goddess named (I suppose) MeMe. I'm actually not so sure of her name but the terms "Me, Me, Me..." and "Oh Me-me, pick Me. Me..." are used so commonly in everything out here, that I do think they have already gone so far past the point of expression that they are now more similar to phrases of worship.

MeMe is in there for that reason, next is the puppet and the depth. I tried to create the illusion of layers and depth and that's where the puppet relates. he looks forward (in his own eyes) towards MeMe, but actually, she's in the depths herself.

The several variations are because I still couldn't get this to bring out my expressed desires for it. I wanted everything to go deep into darkness, but I'm not that good yet. I might try it with oil if I can ever scrounge up the money for a new set.

The other picture is the King of Nebraska, the NebrasCow. He's the male gender form of MeMe, and he has his puppets too. The one to the left and behind him is his thoughtless, vague form of a henchman. Watching and listening, not even to what he hears but to watch the audiences reaction to what's being said. His other objective is to make sure the audience feels intimidated enough to if not agree and applaud to at least dare not to object openly on any of the matters presented.

Why would I be thinking this way?

Long story but here's part of it.

My son just won some major achievement awards and even though that should be only a time of honor and satisfaction. It wasn't taken that way by me. Other things came up in my mind, like the the pathway that he had to travel to get to this point and I am not so glad about those aspects of it.

I'll start out quick and try to remain quick about it, still some framework is needed here.

Out of respect for my son Only, no names will be used used in this,

My son was home schooled just about all of his life back in New England. As I began to get seriously ill I decided to move out here mostly because I thought they needed decent and honest schools to attend (I refused to allow them to go in New England over the racial issues, gangs and drugs). Upon entering school here he skipped either one or two grade levels, the differences between the two would be based on which two school districts you were comparing against out of four or\sixteen different combination scenarios. When he entered he had no experience in the school settings or the social aspects of it. He excelled anyway and in his first semester he began to climb very quickly up in the academics portion of his school work. In many ways he was well above those he attended classes with, if not all of them.

He worked hard and should have graduated with honors, everyone thought he had and that includes the schools own staff members, but that was stolen from him. My way of looking at it though is that Nebraska Sold Out, or a part of Nebraska was sold in that effort.

Talking with my sister the other night I mentioned that to her and we both agreed that it was more than a little cheap-assed punk for them to steal even points from a student, but when you live that way then that way is part of your living. The conversation with her on that topic ended with "Well now he did it even though they ripped him off and the funny thing is they settled too low on this one. They shoulda milked him some more because winnin a little start-up race for next to nothin is nothing like hittin the trifecta. They shoulda kept that bettin winda open for the real stuff...". Then we both agreed that they had done some good after all, they lost pride, he gained pride. They also taught him a little more about themselves and in doing so they have have shown him how good it really can feel not to be anything like them...

That can was opened up and another one. My daughter also moved out here and she was just turned seven years old. She had never in her life been out of the house much and had no experience with being ripped off, taken advantage of or socially abused either, but stupid me put her in that school we call "Society" out here.

Her first real taste of it was at church. At church they had a Soap-Box Derby race and the whole town was planning on going, so we talked her into participating. She used her big brothers car after prepping it and cleaning it up and she won. She did win but they would have no part of that. They made her race again later and she won again in the finalists round. Still she was not allowed to win against a "local", so they made her try again and she won again! Still the best they would allow her was a lie at tying at first place. Which, come to find out is actually less than not racing at all. Because as it stands now still is her participation in the (so-called) event is completed disregarded.

End of the topic is I don't care much for winning a battle with idiots or losing one. I sometimes think that those morons that go back to a battle field for any reason after the fightin is done have their own special version of a mental disorder.

I am glad my son succeeded, but I always knew he would. I'm glad he did it without them, even though they stole from him, but I wish he never had needed to be involved with them like that in the first place.

Last note, every time I look at Nebraska that depth grows deeper, the darkness surrounding it more dark and the puppets more and more like each-other...