Monday, January 3, 2011

.Head-Bangin from Russia "Wings - Diatribe"

One critics comment was...
"Mid-paced melodic metal from Finland, slightly progressive, but with plenty of punch and aggression too."
This album release is (I think) Russian and I really can't find any more info on the band 

Tracks are as follows (Right-Click and "Save As" to get the file). Quaility is 192 Kbps and files are not on my server...

01 - Sunburnt.
02 - Eden
03 - Cast Asunder.
04 - Thus Far.
05 - Unwind.
06 - Equidistant.
07 - Austere.
08 - Deus Ex Machina.
09 - Passion Et Resurrection.

Peace Keith an enjoy or lie an say you did,,,