Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Truth About Our Little Drug War

Don't look for links or verifiers here, yer on the internet and I'm pretty sure yer smarterin me, so look it up yerself.

So this is how I see it all from my time looking into it.

We Never sold each other drugs, the drugs were sold to us.
Our Government started playing with drugs before prohibition and they created our society.
They educated the world with lies, claiming 12 year old kids were making LSD, THC, and bathroom speed using Sears chemistry sets. Any fool alive knows that can't be true.
Those drugs were more than given to us, they created a culture around them to drag us in.


Well, society was beginning to see some changes in wealth and in honesty. Groups were coming up everywhere with new standards that scared them. They knew they couldn't kill every smart Black man or Puerto Rican. Instead they used propaganda, drugs and lies to discredit them.

They took it so far that all we ever heard on the news was how they kill each other, rob us and rape our woman, if there ever was time to hear more they filled us with fears even about ourselves and even that wasn't the end.

We all ended up being judged by ourselves and everyone around us, but we weren't doing our drugs. We were using the drugs they put on our streets.

Yer Fukkin President Clinton brought most of the Cocaine into America and almost ruined 2 generations of people. NBC, CBS, Fox TV and Turner put us against the cure and caused a fear amongst us that in our own lives might never end.

They built Millionaires and court systems and laws on all that shit, but those lies gave us nothing. They were using it themselves only for themselves to own us.

What is owned?
Try probation, parole and endless debt to court rooms, cops and jails. That's real debt.
Try losing your children to them to have them trained to live like you did. Always in debt to society and the lies of the laws that rule.
What is debt, when there are the cures but outlawed because the system owns you and you live long enough to give it all but then you die when they are done with you.

Hepatitis C Did Not Exist in 1979, there was Hep-A and Hep-B and Non- A,B but that wasn't enough.
I lived in Los Angeles back then and they would pay you $400 to $700 a month to have the new Hep-C so you could be studied and I guess die. A lot of homeless people made sure they got it so they could do better than living on the streets.

The Federal Triplicate Script passed to stop people from getting drugs legally, in fact it went down that way to make everyone outlaws and force them to use street drugs.

Look up Noriega and the arms exchange deal, that's where yer street heroin  came from. While yer at it look up Oliver North. George Jung was working for our government!

Next deal, when yer watchin yer faggot Hollywood Bullshit look into what you see.
The Medillin Cartel worked for America, so did Frank Lucas and then those assholes put films about them glorifying them (why would they want to do that?), those drugs were brought in by The United States Army and Marines, not him and that was the "Arms for Contra Affair".

The reason that they put up this staged bullshit was to seduce people into selling drugs, so they could own their lives later.

I am tired of telling people, tired of knowing this shit and when it does burn yer fuckin lazy ass you only got what you deserve!!!