Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials made easy using WebCamMax and Medhi plugin filters Free

Last night I went about searching for screen capture/webcam software to make a Paint Shop Pro tutorial with.
Of course I have screen capture software, I must have 10 different programs but none do both and none of them record the sound properly.
In the past I would have to make the video, then play it back and record a sound track while watching it and then use Format Factory to convert the video and add the sound track to it as a layer.
Well I finally found a decent program called WebCamMax that does it all in one straight shot. The vid format is mp4 which is a bonus too. It creates fantastic screen captures for recording events, processes (I haven't tried recording movies with it yet) , it also adds some interesting effects to the webcam side. I don't webcam at all but I do have 4 grandsons that I might like to record some silly stuff for. As far as that goes, there are 100's of nifty little tricks you can use with your webcam for chat or just recording a film type greeting with. Backgrounds ranging from being on a stage to appear in a mirror or other just plain silly things. There are also effects to give you a fat head (I know I'm gonna like that one), silly hats and cartoon type things on the screen with you. I think you can even make your own and import them too.

This is my first shot run. I know the sound isn't up loud enough, but it was my first attempt and I had to test it. Plus it was 3:30 AM and my Lovely Daughter didn't need me making huge noise to mess up her final hours of sleep before going to school.

This is just a basic hand tinting method made using Medhi's Eraser Genuine filter and Paint Shop Pro 7.04. It is a beginners tut and therefore if you know anything about filters and layers you are probably way beyond the scope of this lesson.

Still I share it with you anyway.

Format Factory is 100% Free and by far the best vidio/audio conversion program out there [LINK]
Medhi offers 28 free filters for use with Adobe, Jasc, Corel Products as well as Irfanview, it also is 100% Free [LINK]
WebCamMax can be gotten from here [LINK], Note, if you do buy it buy soon because they are offering a 50% discount "$24.95" for a short period of time. I will delete that last note when I see that the offer has ended
Irfanview is not used in this topic, but I let the name slip and they deserve credit. Irfanview is also free and by far it is the best image viewing, cataloging, converting, web page building, screensaver making, program ever written. For more info on it go to the top of this page and type it into my search field and read my other 2 or 3 posts on it. One will even show you how to make your own Karaoke files using it, another shows how to publish web pages and another is just a features overview. [LINK]