Monday, December 14, 2009

LOL, I know a girl....

I know a girl. She loves Evenescence.
She has only one thing in common with her brothers,
they only like girls that look like her.
must be nice to love yourself that way, but I don't know.
Nobody looks like me except my sons and knowing them is loving them,
but not self adoration.

I can't conceptually understand the need to have more than one mirror to see yourself in.
She won't read my writing anymore.
I guess she's tired of hearing anyone except herself.
She draws lines through her reality
Seems the more she want, the less she get.
My fault? I guess it is, transgressions brought me here,
the breech of faith and broken law.
Where I go and where I go from here is circumstantial, nothing more

Evanescence and Edna Swap & "yes I am sorry Edna Swap does not look like her"

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