Friday, December 18, 2009

L. Rice

She was awake.
I was crazy.
Floods and storms everywhere.
Nothing cured anything.
Results always the same.
Me on drugs, her drunk on faith.
April 12th, I know the date.
October, December, January and February too...
Those days all so important.
Nothing less but much much less.
I hurt her and now I know.
Should a wind come, take this all away, feelings would still remain.
Somehow I found her blessings.
To me it was the key.
I will pray tonight and every night for her to be warm and be content.
I will thank my God each time I think of her for her love and her concerns.
Grandmother now, I'm a grandfather too. I guess we both have won a race.
Still looking back I'm so ashamed.
She was worth so much more than that.I Love You L. Rice, love you forever in my heart.
Nothing fixes anything, I am sorry and I was wrong.

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