Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farnam, Nebraska the way I see it...

I made this collage, actually just remade it for reason of interpretation.
It contains some symbolism , some easy to understand, some not so easy...
The name of this image is Entering Farnam Nebraska and noticing a few things. It is my own creation and I give it freely. This means you can have it for any reason you might want to use it for for free. Aspects of the symbolism I wouldn't ordinarily share. This exception has been made for reasons that you will never know, but I do have my reasons

I'll say just a little, the rest is mine...
The layers in the trees, they mean the depths of reality, the truest reality you will never see, but the layers you might.
The woman, her name is Princess Meme "Me-Me" or queen Meme or whatever. She earned that name by her actions... Holding all hands out and pleading "Me,me,me,me.... with all her desires.
Next is the devil puppet, He's the King, or at least he thinks he is. He's still only a puppet though.
Behind him is the cowboy. He yells "hee-har" and "Yippity-yi-ya", but he's just repeating from a script. He is also in other versions of this and others.

I should make this note right now.

NOTE: I have no respect for cowboys, Nazi soldiers or any other glorified murderer that chose to join up with a cause or agenda that intended on the destruction of a total race of man.
The very first Holocaust happened in America. Woman, children, babies, elderly, anyone and all of them slated to be killed by cowboys for the price of the value of their scalp? HUH?. The first death train ran on American tracks.

To honor a murderer, to celebrate the traditions, to parody yourself in costume to look like a murderer....
Where I come from if it looks like dog shit, tastes like dog shit, feels like dog shit and smells like dog shit then yer supposed to call it dog shit even if it aint really dog shit, but because someone decided to represent it that way.
Next is the sign, that was the first truth I heard out here and I heard it verified many times by many people with the phrase "we take care of our own". 

The next one I call 
"Village board meeting Farnam Nebraska"

This one I will not explain...

 This last one is me, as I feel myself to be here. I am the Spirit of Cow-Punk!!!
"Please be patent, it might load slow"

CowPunk, This would be me, or at least I made it to be me.

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