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Hemp Oil & Foods, with Augustine & Wirtshafter (Complete Film)

Hemp Oil & Foods, with Augustine &  Wirtshafter (Complete Film)
47:53 - 4 years ago
Dietician Mary Beth Augustine,R.D. compares nutritional characteristics of Cannabis Hemp seed oil, rich in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)necessary to a healthy diet, with other healthy plant oils. Then Don Wirtshafter, founder of the Ohio Hempery and co-author of the first Hempseed Cookbook, tells benefits to the economy and environment from hemp agriculture. Don then hands out hemp food samples to the audience at the 2002 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Portland, OR. Hosted by Patients Out of Time. DVDs are available.  [See my notes below if you're interested.]

This film starts out with aspects on parenting and hemp seed oil as a nutritional supplement for babies??

Did I just say "babies"? I think I did because they did..

The topic moves quickly into common health issues involving coeliac disease, other food tolerance issues and nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium and high in fiber.

Later the speaker offers some of the ways in which hemp has been proven to heal, cure and releave the symptoms of many illnesses or conditions.

When I say  "releave" please don't assume that this is about making feel better of comforting the person by masking the symptoms.  In the case of physical illnesses they are talking full remedy and cure. The comfort offered by lessening the amount of discomfort I believe they are talking about mental illnesses.

I can't go into every detail of it because next to the speaker I know nothing.

This is a well done presentation, very in depth statements of the facts. There's no emotional tagging done and I usually prefer just the facts anyway (seduction belongs in the bedroom).

If you are interested in the data available related to hemp as a beneficial option that we should be allowed to use this is a good place to start!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

That's Not in my American History Book - Thomas Ayres (Review)

This is a little sample of what's contained inside this book. I chose this section because it was the first I read when glancing through the book and I figured that it was as good as any to share. 

First though, a little on the Author. The first part is a quote from the back cover:
 "Thomas Ayres, a veteran investigative reporter and award-winning columnist has written for The Dallas Times' quarterly publication Columbiad, and many other publications. He lives in Jonesboro, Lousiana"

My opinion of him is that he's a very witty and talented writer. This book is well worth the purchasing price and it is one of the few books that I would replace if ever lost or damaged just to have a copy laying around to share some good readin with friends as they stop by.

Dishonorable Opponent
(from page 103)

    Politics and political mudslinging have been around almost from the day prehistoric man dis­ covered mud. However, over the past two cen­turies American politicians have managed to re­fine the art-sometimes elevating it to creative heights, but more often dragging it to bottomless lows.

     In the creative category, one of the strangest campaigns ever waged was the one by George Smathers against Claude Pepper for the U.S. Senate in Florida in 1950. In his campaign speeches, Smathers began referring to Pepper as "a known extrovert." He spat out the words with such disdain, many in his audiences as­sumed the worst of Pepper. While Pepper was trying to figure out how to respond, Smathers revealed that his opponent's sister was "a thespian." He then accused Pepper's brother of being "a practicing homo sapiens." He charged that while attending college, Pepper "matriculated on campus," and that he "engaged in celibacy" before he was married.

     Smathers won the election.

      If that was the high point of political creativity, the low had to take place in Louisiana in 1932, when Earl Long called a political enemy "A big-bellied, lily-livered liar and the crookedest man who ever lived." The reference was to his brother, Huey Long. On an­other occasion, Earl became so enraged at his brother he called him a son of a bitch before fully analyzing the implication. 

     A favorite Earl Long tactic was to follow an opponent around and inspire impromptu debate by heckling from the audience. Not only did it save money, it allowed Earl to control the agenda for dis­cussion. However, on one occasion the practice backfired. Huey, then seeking election as a U.S. senator, was telling a large crowd what he had done for the people of Louisiana when Earl's shrill 'Dice came from the crowd. 

     "I know one person you ain't done nothin' for-your brother!"

LOL, That my friend is Dayum Good readin stuff an I rest my case! 

Run from the cure - The Rick Simpson Story [Full Movie]

Rick Simpson says that contained in the resin of the hemp plant's buds in a natural cure for many different ailments. One is cancer.

I am not saying I believe he's right about everything, nobody ever is anyway, but I am saying he appears to believe he is and that itself is a form of good medicine.

There are other aspects of the controversy that support much of what he's saying. Uncommon but honest logic even further supports it.

The other day a friend quoted a phrase from the Bible. I'm not sure which one exactly and I don't even care. This is not for argument anyway, so it needs no support from me. This verse though I remember as not being the instruction or paraphrase from one of the authors of the Bible, but instead it was a quote of the words spoken by God himself. it was  'And God said, See, I have given you every plant producing seed, on the face of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit producing seed: they will be for your food:'.

Pick that apart and argue the word "food" all you want to, but do not forget the meaning of the earlier portion of the phrase "I have given". The term "I" represents authority over "have" is past tense, this confirms the action already taken, "given" is the action.

Just those three words were enough to prove ownership of every seed bearing plant or fruit to every man. No man or agency or agent of any government has the authority to take from any man what was given to him by God, the God who governs all and above all!

No, that was not preaching. You sing out your poem pledging allegiance to The United States of America would be preaching...
Preach: To urge acceptance or abandonment of an idea or course or action "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God"
 That is to preach acceptance to a nation under God!

My topic was the law that this nation swears it lives by, nothing more than that (The fact that I Love God has no bearing in this issue, God is above this issue completely.)

Here is the film, please give it a chance and enjoy,,,

Run from the cure
(The Rick Simpson Story)

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