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BarbsBlog Posts Bullshit!!!

This page was made by me to comment on a blog post that pissed me off and replies to it are moderated. I made my own without the filters because I WANTED TO COMMENT!

Before I get started on this page I'm going to have to make a few things clear.

This girl "Barb" has a Wordpress blog and through my searches for information on new laws, government related issues and the Occupy movement I found one of her blog pages. I must have just gotten lucky though because it contained about 5 posts and they were all decent reads.

I was impressed enough with her that I both subscribed to her feed and shared her blog with many of my friends. I'm not so impressed now though.

Below is a copy of what I got in her email yesterday. It disgusted me so much with the Archie Bunker stereotype attitude and the purely negative one sided, impotent and demeaning, senseless, slandering and shameful way that it accuses people in need and even goes on further to insult anyone attempting to give them any form of support,,,

Back to the point, I opened that email about 3 times before I could bring myself down enough to actually read it beginning to end. I don't know where this... woman, got her colors from but she shows some serious signs of someone that grew up or created for herself some kind of strange environment. Her way of seeing the world that I live in, I think the one that most of us live in is scary beyond doubt.

I read her .... and I see visions of mass extermination, smiling barbara's standing over them gloating and squealing with delight

I had better get off that topic right now, but first one of the other things I had to say before we get to her post...

Why am I so offended?

I'll have to take you back to a place in time. This is the year 1967 and to this day I have only shared any of that time once in writing, I'll do it here again I guess though...

It was 1967. My father owned a construction company. It was called The American Rock Lath Company INC. It was a real company and it was incorporated

We at that time had all of the potential to become a very well established and upper middle class American family.

I was 6 years old at the time.

In October that year my father went to the dentist to have a tooth extracted. Because of the A.M.A.'s regulations the dentist at that time had to give other medical professionals a cut from the cake and my father was told to go from there to the hospital in the next city and get a shot of antibiotics.

He was very healthy and never knew a thing about being ill or weakness, he also thought that if it was all that important then the dentist could have given him the damn shot then and there. He went back to his work to do what he did best instead, he after all did have his employee's to look out for and to contend with.

That night he came home and I sat on his lap with him for the very last time in my life.

He quickly got an infection in his blood that quickly moved into his heart. Bacterial Endocarditis was what they called it. The rest from there on was him suffering, them cutting out pieces of his heart, us living off of nothing, everything being sold for next to nothing and then in the end it was April, the first nice day of the year and he died.

The story is not about that though. It's about this...

I think it was about 15 or 16 months long going through this. In the end I fukkin knew what poverty was. We had 12 children living in a 2 bedroom house. I slept on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub (when it was my turn). A large bag of white rice was ten to fifteen cents. We ate once a day on most days and we waited for that rice and we ate it and it was good. The other food we were too scared to eat. I wouldn't eat the good side of a rotted tomato.

I'm not talking about those fucking years anymore and I'm kind of pissed that that barb chose to talk about that life on her silly little blog, in her own special way!!!

Here's her half rotted tomatoes for you to eat from if you want to. I did comment and you'll easily see that my words are not hers, nor are her words mine!!!

The Real Welfare America: Food Stamps, up 8.1% in the past year

Has it occurred to anyone else that the enormous gulf that SEEMS to run between left and right, between Liberals and Conservatives – but not necessarily between parties – is a deliberate ploy, employed well by the progressives throughout the twentieth century to manufacture a gulf, class warfare and attempt to polarize WE-THE-PEOPLE? WE are the power source in our Constitutional Republic! Yet the left and the liberal Democrats, led by President Obama, insist they know how to fix everything that is wrong with America. They know better, but of course, they cannot DO anything alone, so they want more and more money, more and more “Regulation” to advance their agenda.
Ironic, huh?
In spite of its mantra that implies the Liberal Democrats are the party “of the people,” strangely, it is this mindset that has produced the “social reforms” that were to “lift the burden” from the people. However, in retrospect, these social welfare programs have done nothing but perpetuate slavery in the name of compassion! It seems clear the liberal left does not apprehend the difference between the hand up and the hand out!
So … does the liberal left ELITE, the ones in power who want to control every facet of our lives – what we eat, what we do on the internet, how we pray, what our clergy may or may not say from their pulpits, what medical procedures we may or may not be eligible to receive … Yup, THIS is the Liberal left! Do they have a … a PLAN? NO! Have yo0u seen a real plan come from the White House? NO … no plan! No budget in over 900 days! But … he does want 4 more years to finish his destruction of our nation and the disembowelment of our US CONSTITUTION.
The progressive movement born under the reign of Woodrow Wilson, slowly and deceptively has succeeded in replacing our liberties with a poor substitute for “security.” Food stamps replace the FEAR of no food. Medicaid replaces the FEAR of sudden illness. While these needs may be real, the GOVERNMENT is not designed to carry this burden, but rather to make resources available for those who wish to help and second, to publish the programs designed to help. The programs, however, must be supported and run 100% by the public, not the government.

Food stamp rolls have risen 8.1% in the past year - Thanks Obama!
WSJ – Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in August, as the number of recipients hit 45.8 million.
Food stamp rolls have risen 8.1% in the past year, the Department of Agriculture reported, though the pace of growth has slowed from the depths of the recession. MORE HERE
*Note: The links above are hers, not mine!
Executive Summary
Today, the Census Bureau released its annual poverty report, which declared that a record 46.2 million persons, or roughly one in seven Americans, were poor in 2010. The numbers were up sharply from the previous year’s total of 43.6 million. Although the current recession has increased the numbers of the poor, high levels of poverty predate the recession. In most years for the past two decades, the Census Bureau has declared that at least 35 million Americans lived in poverty.
The following are facts about persons defined as “poor” by the Census Bureau as taken from various government reports:

  • 80 percent of poor households have air conditioning. In 1970, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning. You got that load of crap from, and it is just a load of crap! Read this “Since the 1970’s, the amount of electricity used by residential air conditioners has dropped by about 15 per cent per decade, thanks to improvements in such things as coil designs, compressors and circulation systems. Indeed, today’s most efficient air conditioners use 30 to 40 per cent less energy than models sold 10 or 15 years ago.” [link] I couldn't get great quotes, but I found this one after over an hour searching...1970 ranged from US$4066 to US$4329 now it's $750 - $1000 for at least 40% more efficient and The minimum wage in 1970 was $1.60. A new car cost $3,800 and a new house cost $23,400.00. The average annual income in 1970 was $17,550.00, right now the average annual income is broken into groups and not so easily defined, but $65,317 is the Mid range found on Using those numbers then that $4,000 lower priced air conditioner would have been equal in cost to purchasing one for over $12,000 if you were to count the hours spent earning the money that you took from your earnings to pay for it. Instead though, you can buy a better one now for about $750, which reflects about a 7 month savings of all your earnings for that amount of time and today it's not even a 5 day work weeks take home pay. You should not compare values of products that have gone so far down in value that even the poor can now enjoy them to a time when only the wealthy had the option to own them. Do you remember in 1976, the digital watches? They were about 4 to $6,000. Does owning a digital watch make you part of the "higher class" if you own one now? It did then, didn't it?"
  • 92 percent of poor households have a microwave. “I don’t own one, but I’ve thrown many away. Counter space is worth more than 1 $40 microwave and that fad ended over 10 years ago. Please stop[ counting accumulated trash as a sign of wealth. You Only mock yourself when you do that Missy.”
  • Nearly three-fourths have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more cars or trucks. “That is not true! It may be true in rural area’s where a vehicle can be kept on the property and there is room enough to keep a not so well working spare, but most people live in or near the cities and there is no way a 6 family house that’s occupied by about 12 adults and 4 or 5 teens that have driving privileges can park on that property or the streets surrounding it 17 vehicles and you damn well know it!”
  • Nearly two-thirds have cable or satellite TV. “Our Government paved the way for cable TV to take over almost all access to media through television Many rules were imposed and many court cases fought here is a list of a few. In the end we were guaranteed that we would not lose our access to educational programming, local programming or the news media. In short, as a result of the political ass-kissing done through our elected officials the final agreement was that everyone can have and should have cable access or the equivalent because they need it. They especially need it if there are children living in the home to be used as part of their education.”
  • Two-thirds have at least one DVD player, and 70 percent have a VCR. “DVD player $14.99 all day long at, VCR’s $5 at Salvation Army, Goodwill and Free from neighbors, but who even wants one anyway?”
  • Half have a personal computer, and one in seven have two or more computers. “Computers are as good as free these days, you shouldn’t count them as a sign of wealth, I just gave away 2 last week myself and have given away more than 30 in the last 7 or 8 years.”
  • More than half of poor families with children have a video game system, such as an Xbox or PlayStation. “If you count out-dated equipment and kids fiddling with thrown away junk, then I’ll let you have that number!”
  • 43 percent have Internet access. “IMPOSSIBLE! 43% of the poor do not have internet, unless you count the library cards that they use to access the net with.”
  • One-third have a wide-screen plasma or LCD TV. “Are you jealous? They don’t even sell CRT anymore and LCD pays for itself every month in the energy reduction. You should read ALL the reports, ya-think???”
  • One-fourth have a digital video recorder system, such as a TiVo. “VCR’s are NOT a sign of wealth or prosperity, unless you are using them to look for accusations and most of them are given away free as part of the service that comes with Dish Network.”
  • But 51% of Americans are too poor to pay taxes??? pfft, 1% OWN 99% of everything and they are too "good" to pay the taxes that support what they own and the other 99% pay to support pretty much only their interests!
Judge Judy Exposes Reason #376 Why “Poor” People Should Pay Taxes, Too (VIDEO) Talk about “misappropriation of funds!!! lol “Judge Judy never addressed anything of the sort. She addressed a 21 year old male college student who receives college grants and sleeps with a woman almost 50% older than him and admits that the sex and conversations with her more than paid his way into her bed. Judge Judy never said a word about poor people at all.”
Gotta love this video! He has no clue! NONE!
Few Americans know poverty as the World knows it. Surely, a "neighbor" can help meet the need.
For 2009, the survey showed:

96 percent of poor parents stated that their children were never hungry at any time during the year because they could not afford food.*
83 percent of poor families reported having enough food to eat.*
82 percent of poor adults reported never being hungry at any time in the prior year due to lack of money for food.*
Other government surveys show that the average consumption of protein, vitamins, and minerals is virtually the same for poor and middle-class children and is well above recommended norms in most cases.
*NOTE: Government food programs in schools are mandatory. Those numbers were published to support that program and no parent in his or her right mind would say publicly that their children go hungry or they would risk having them removed from the home!
Television newscasts about poverty in America generally portray the poor as homeless people or as a destitute family living in an overcrowded, dilapidated trailer. In fact, however:
Over the course of a year, 4 percent of poor persons become temporarily homeless.
Only 9.5 percent of the poor live in mobile homes or trailers, 49.5 percent live in separate single-family houses or townhouses, and 40 percent live in apartments.
Question: 4% + 9.5% + 49.5% + 40% totals 104%, right? While we’re on that subject. It is correct to assume that 9.9% (the homeless and trailer-park trash scum with the nintendo’s, microwaves and plasma TV’s that have the satellite dish and 1 or 2 computers with the internet, Tivo and the VCR’s, well about just less than 8 out of 10 of them also have air conditioners, huh?
42 percent of poor households actually own their own homes. If the bottom 25% of Americans make $22,500 or less each year when 31 years ago they made $17,550 and a house cost $23,400 then, but it costs $221,900, you are actually going to say that out of the 104% that you used above, the 9.9% already live nowhere or in a trailer park, so then the other 93.1%, out of them the 42% of the whole can be counted, right? I think when you removed the trailer-park trash then that brought your 42% up to the count of about 50% of the renters and the guys living in luxury and “well kept apartments”, own their own homes, right? Something’s wrong with your math here Cookie. Again... if 4% are homeless, 40% live renting in apartments, 9.5% in trailer homes then you already counted 53.5%, if you take 42% away from that then all you got left is 4.5%. Are you kinda sorta saying that only 4.5% of Americans that live in a house or town house rent and the rest own them? What about the cities? Isn’t that where you have the highest concentration of families? They don’t have many townhouses or single family homes in the cities, but the ones they do have you say that all but less than 5 out of 100 of the low income people living in them actually own them? Only 6 percent of poor households are overcrowded. More than two-thirds have more than two rooms per person. You show me a family of 4 (that is considered the average size now) with an 8 room apartment and I’ll bake you a cake... pffft!!!!!!!
The average poor American has more living space than the typical non-poor person in Sweden, France, or the United Kingdom. *NOTE: In France they don’t rent, all but 06.9% OWN THEIR HOMES! In France they get their education For FREE and my friends in Sweden brag that living conditions there are better than here and they laugh about our lies and politics. Actually though.. Everybody laughs about our blow-job president, Bush’s Grandfather helping Nazi Germany, rumors of Bin Ladin’s family being rescued only days after 9/11 and our own president making oil deals with them, they laugh most about idiots just like you that strive to feed the lies that turned our great nation into what it’s become today too....
The vast majority of the homes or apartments of the poor are in good repair. The term “good” and “repair” do not work together in the same sentence, the word “vast” is meaningless without a point of reference and whole cities are left almost abandoned right now. Why don’t you sell your bullshit to Detroit, go there face to face with the people and say your little story?

  Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I found your blog a few days ago and subscribed to your feed. I was pretty excited by the information that you seemed to have posted opposing government propaganda.

Now though I read this post and it is quite full of that type of propaganda.

You left way to many holes in this and I mean in just about every aspect of it.

For one, even the numbers are way off. The increase in food stamps recipients reflects only the amount still deemed eligible, but it fails to address the issues of newer regulations that forced those in need out of the program.

Another were the numbers on air-conditioners. You state an increase from 36% to 80% since 1970, what you failed to look at was the comparison between the two times you used. In 1970 they were just starting to become affordable and only the upper class citizens could afford them. Today however you need to pay $40 to dispose of a unit through local waste management facilities (this is an actual figure from an incident that happened 5 years ago), also today you can get them free on Free Cycle and through many other means like the giveaway’s in local newspapers. When was the last time you heard of anyone offering to give away a case of baby formula?

You claim vitamin equivalences, but that’s just about as bogus a claim as anyone can make. ALL tests show the exact opposite. The real results are that healthy foods cannot be afforded and are quickly being substituted with $1 double cheeseburger specials from fast food restaurants and other lower cost, yet very high in fat foods. You know the ones I’m talking about? When you watch the news at night about how the poor are stuffing their faces with junk food and getting obese and it’s all their own faults. The segment between the Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s commercials that offer the “value meals”. Or the 7-11 Special on Grab 2 for just $2 that offers two big bags of chips and 2 huge soda’s (months supply of sugar & fat for less than the cost of 1/5 a trimmed raw chicken breast at Walmarts Grocery section)
Oh and the 96% of the parents that say “openly” that their children never went hungry… LOL, 100% of them know Damn well that if they did admit their children went hungry they would be removed from the home.

You find some extra time on your hands in between your accusations against those who are suffering in this economy then email me. I’ll give you my phone number and we can talk about the truth, beyond that. I’m posting you on my site and showing others what kind of people they might find themselves really facing hidden between the lines of offering truth and the rest of the what-eva’s!!!

“Whole page saved, whole page will be posted, keyword “FunkingDave + idiots” on Google to read it tomorrow night when I’m done looking up your numbers BABE!”

Reply ↓ <--- Her button, I removed the link so it doesn’t work on this page.

New story, related even..
Reason #5) Record Number Of US Kids Face Hunger and Homelessness

A report released by National Center on Family Homelessness finds that one in 45 US children (1.6 million) are homeless, the majority under the age of seven. The Christian Science Monitor reports, “The number of homeless children in 2010 exceeded even the total in 2006, when thousands of families displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita produced a historic spike in homelessness.”

It doesn’t stop there. According to recent figures released by the USDA, 17.2 million American households (14.5 percent) are "food insecure,” one of the highest recorded rates since surveys were first conducted in 1995. As a result, 16.2 million American children – one in five-- face the threat of hunger. According to emergency room doctors in cities around the country, this is leading to a dramatic spike in malnourishment in babies.

Over the summer, the Boston Globe reported on shocking levels of infant malnourishment in Massachusetts. Doctors at the Boston Medical Center (BMC) reported seeing “more hungry and dangerously thin young children in the emergency room than at any time in more than a decade of surveying families.” Pediatricians in other large cities, including Baltimore, Little Rock, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia, have also seen a rise in infant and child malnourishment since 2008.

BMC doctors also warn that “rising chronic hunger threatens to leave scores of infants and toddlers with lasting learning and developmental problems.”

The Globe likened child malnourishment and hunger among Boston’s poor to levels seen in the "developing world."
[Read the actual numbers here]



    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Support the Future of Mankind with Occupy & Education!!!

    Support the Future of Mankind  
    Occupy & Education!!!

    This film has a lot to say about what's going on right now and has been going on for a long time.

      The advice is older, the situation remains and has even gotten worse!

      Open up your eyes and try to see what's going on while you still can...

      Uploaded by UFOTVstudios on Nov 18, 2011

      Full Length Feature - Since our nation's inception in 1776 - cold, cunning conspirators have sought to undermine our political sovereignty for their own personal profit. Behind a facade of corporate and congressional respectability, a cabal of ruthless men use extortion and murder to steal our nation's wealth and turn the United States into a fascist war-machine that inexorably threatens the entire world. But now at last, the American people are rising to unmask "THE ENEMY WITHIN"!

      COMING TO DVD from UFOTV - The Enemy Within - LOADED with Bonus Features and Film Extras - Go to

      Other Comments:

      1. Its the hangman for Bush, Blair, Obama, Brezinski and all the duel nationality US/Israeli Zionist Neo cons that where behind 9-11 and all the recent wars.
      2. to let the elite gain the power they need, an army is needed. so what has to happen is: the soldiers themseves should just stop obeying! just like chaplin said in the movie "the great dictator".... when that happens, than world peace is near... since soldiers are too stupid to think for themselves.... there will never be peace and the elite will win.... get used to that and stop wining... or else, turn against the elite! although you know you are in grave danger by doing so.
      3. Well Russia can dig and bury the nuke underground then detonate it or high above the earth  but you are right a hole would be better.
        but they try to keep money and to have money after!
        the blind guys give the system money so they dont want to wake you up
        if you wake up- the rich one loose power, and noone want to loose power.
        so, they keep his power
        people_blind and trustfull in goverm.
        blind_give money to the rulers of power
        the sýstem is Evil.
      5. Most of the people choose to defend, in an active or passive fashion, the current order of things mostly because of ignorance and comfort. People are taught since childhood to think and act only in their own personal best interest in order to aggressively seek power and material wealth, to bury compassion and any other normal human value. It is sad to see that too many people plan their lives like a business investment, accepting less and less time for themselves and their families.
      6. Wake up and join the light - because it only takes a little light within darkness to render it obsolete.
      7. What an a hole.
      8. i knew this shit was gonna be crazy when the film started with star wars like ships and shit. 
      9. I felt like that too, but I did it anyway....they know something is wrong...that is when they aren't keeping up with Hollywood or filing their nails! I shared it anyway and so should you!
      10. Thank you so much for this very wonderful upload. I learned more in the 55 minutes than I did in my school years. Cannot begin to thank you enough! It all rings true. It all rings true! So what can we do now?
      I edited out the names above, but you can view those and "All Comments (124)" [HERE]

      Support the Future of Mankind with Occupy & Education!!!


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      Stop the Massive Crime Bill: Make Canada Safer, Not Meaner

      I just got this in my email and thought I should share it. I can usually save an email as a document and that would have worked fine, but I just upgraded my FireFox and for some reason I can't do that today.

      I think the cause is very important and even more so I like the links to the information that you can use to dig deeper on different points of the topic.

      From here on it's all email. I hope this finds some use amongst a few of my friends.


      Dear David,

      This week, experts are speaking out against the massive crime bill that our Conservative government is rushing through Parliament.1 Even conservative Texans are warning Canada not to follow America’s failed path of mandatory sentences and massive prison expansion.2 Now, we need a massive public outcry to stop the bill, and make Canada safer, not meaner.

      Experts agree that the crime bill would make Canada a more dangerous place by filling new prisons with people who should not be there. Instead, experience shows that we should focus on proven strategies to prevent crime, rehabilitate people and reintegrate them into society.1,3 The stakes are huge: if this bill passes we’ll be spending billions to trap people and create a permanent underclass of Canadians with little hope for a better life.4

      The good news is that more and more Canadians are speaking out and public opinion is close to a decisive shift. The Conservatives want to be "Canada's natural governing party" and they care about public opinion. We need to show the Conservative government that they can either choose a better path, or they will pay a serious political cost for making Canada a meaner and more dangerous place.

      Click here to tell Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and your MP you want a new strategy for Canadian justice:
      Harper's Prison Cartoon
        Mandatory sentences and prison expansion backfired in the United States, a country with only 5% of the global population and 25% of all the world’s prisoners. Today, state after state is in crisis and is repealing those laws.2

      One conservative Texan, Judge John Creuzot of the Dallas County Court, has warned us, saying: “You will spend billions and billions and billions on locking people up. And there will come a point in time where the public says, 'Enough!' And you'll wind up letting them out." 2

      We all want to make Canada safer. Yes, there is a role for punishment that is proportionate to the crime and wisely chosen for the circumstance. However, in the vast majority of cases, rehabilitation is better than long jail sentences. Canada’s focus on prevention and rehabilitation has already brought crime rates to historic lows.3,5

      Every billion dollars our federal government forces our provinces to spend on new prisons is a billion dollars that could have been spent preventing crimes by supporting programs for at-risk youth, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and strategies for mental health.

      Click here to send a message that you want to stop this bill, and establish an independent commission of diverse citizens and experts to create a 21st century Canadian justice plan:

      The crime bill represents a creeping erosion of Canada’s social fabric. We know that millions of Canadians believe that prevention and restorative justice - approaches that make sure the victim’s needs are met and the community is healed - should be the heart of Canadian justice.

      This crime bill would move us in the wrong direction. Who benefits from one-size-fits-all punishments? Who benefits from massive prison expansion? Who benefits from throwing more of Canada’s youth, poor, and mentally ill in prison?

      It’s time we speak out together. This petition is an essential first step in a major campaign. Will you join us?

      Thank you.

      With hope and respect,
      Jamie, Matthew, Emma, Adam, Ryan, Tria and the whole team

      P.S. The crime bill would raise the cost of filing for a pardon from $150 to $600. Why? That money wont pay for new prisons, it will keep poor people from getting jobs.


      [1] Critics of omnibus bill ‘advocate for criminals,’ Conservatives charge (Globe and Mail):

      [2] Texas conservatives reject Harper's crime plan - 'Been there; done that; didn't work,' say Texas crime-fighters (CBC):

      [3] Study: Prevention Fights Crime Better Than Jail (Seattle Times):

      [4] Tough on crime will likely lead to more crime, bigger deficit (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives):

      [5] Crime rates fall to lowest level since 1973

      [6] Open letter to the Government opposing mandatory sentences from over 550 Canadian experts and public health professionals (Urban Health Research Initiative):

      [7] A Meaner Canada : Junk Politics and the Omnibus Crime Bill (Alex Himelfarb)

      [8] What’s Wrong With Harper’s Omnibus Crime Bill (Behind the Numbers)

      [9] Rough Justice in America: Too many laws, too many prisoners - Never in the civilised world have so many been locked up for so little (The Economist):

      [10] Salvaging a faulty crime bill (Irvin Waller)

      [11] Incarceration and Crime: A Complex Relationship, (The Sentencing Project)

      [12] The cartoon is by Malcolm Mayes, in the Edmonton Journal. is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

      Support the community! You can donate online at:

      PS: I already joined & I'm not even a Canadian. I joined to help warn them about all the problems crime bills like this have caused Americans.

      Sunday, October 16, 2011

      The Terror Toons [Movie for Halloween]

      Terror Toons (2002)

      In a quiet suburban neighborhood, two sisters are about to experience the dark and sinister world of Terror Toons. Candy and Cindy's parents have traveled out of town for the weekend leaving the two sisters home alone. Cindy receives a mysterious package in the mail with a free DVD cartoon sent to her by the Devil himself. Candy is having a house party with some friends while Cindy views the cartoon in her room. She unintentionally lets loose two homicidal cartoon characters, Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin. They are out of the cartoon dimension and into the world as we know it. The fiendish characters stalk, torment and kill the party-goers in wild and kooky cartoon traditions. Cindy is the only one who has the power to stop the demented animations from continuing their insane murder spree. Can she save her friends? Can she save herself from the crazy mayhem? .....or will everyone die?

      My opinion? I kinda liked it. It did get a little shocking to a point a few times, but a lot of it was pretty amusing.

      Friday, October 7, 2011

      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live at Rock am Ring (Rockpalast 2004)

      Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Live at Rock am Ring 
      (Rockpalast 2004)

      Metallica-Rock Am Ring 2008 [Full Concert]

      Metallica-Rock Am Ring 2008 

      [Full Concert]

      Bob Marley Live in Dortmund

      Bob Marley Live in Dortmund

      Monterrey Pop Festival 1967 [Concert]

      Monterrey Pop Festival 1967 
      Mamas And Papas, Canned Heat, 
      Simon And Garfunkel, Jefferson Airplane,

      Led Zeppelin Live in Inglewood 1970 Full Concert

      Led Zeppelin Live in Inglewood 1970 Full Concert 

      Easy Rider (1969) - Full Movie

      Easy Rider (1969) - Full Movie

      Jimi Hendrix Maui 1970 Raibow Bridge Concert [full live]

      Jimi Hendrix Maui 1970 Raibow Bridge Concert [full live]

      Gorillaz Live in Harlem [FULL Concert]

      Gorillaz Live in Harlem [FULL Concert]

      Wednesday, October 5, 2011

      My playin...

      Some playin with pixels here...

      Right click on pic and select "Open in new tab" or new window to see full sized.

      Started here...

      Then here...

      Then comes the fun stuff...

      Monday, October 3, 2011


      Written By Jeff Riggenbach

      This is  a link to the full book in flip page flash and I made it just for you last night.
       Read Page 69 first for a good example of what it contains (it's about Pearl Harbor), and then go back to the beginning and read it all. You also can print it out from the menu if that's easier for you...

      Complete book is [HERE], below is a quote from Ludwig Von Mises Instutute on this page.

      "Americans have been warring with each other for more than a century over the contents of the American-history textbooks used in the nation's high schools and colleges. Nor is the reason far to seek. If, as seems to be the case, these textbooks encompass one hundred percent of the information that most high school and college graduates in this country will ever encounter on the subject of American history, the American-history wars would appear to be well worth fighting. For what Americans know and understand about the history of the society in which they live will determine the degree of their willingness to honor and preserve its ideals and traditions. More than that: it will determine what they regard as the ideals and traditions of their society. It will determine nothing less than the kind of society they will seek to strengthen and perpetuate.

      Until very recently, however, the range of the conflict over American-history textbooks was narrow indeed. All sides tacitly agreed that the story of the United States was the triumphant tale of a people fervently devoted to peace, prosperity, and individual liberty; a people left utterly untempted by opportunities of the kind that had led so many other nations down the ignoble road of empire; a people who went to war only as a last resort and only when both individual liberty and Western civilization itself were imperiled and at stake. There had been injustices along the way, of course — the Native Americans had been grossly mistreated, as had the African Americans. Women had been denied the vote and even the right to own property. Yet these injustices had been corrected in time, and the formerly mistreated groups had been integrated into full citizenship and full participation in the liberty, prosperity, and peace that were the birthright of every American — the very same liberty, prosperity, and peace that had made America itself a beacon of hope to the entire world."

      another girl singer

      Nicolette Larson

      girl singer

      try this Dave

      Nicolette Larson-Lotta Love 


      we4lcome me back

      Wednesday, September 28, 2011

      The History of the Federal Reserve

      This film is called "The History of the Federal Reserve". It explains a lot of information about the truth about finances and what makes money hold or lose it's value. Download the film here, or watch it below...

      Trouble making a video...Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

      This is not a great version. It's a screen cap of a high definition of one I'm trying to make.

      I "borrowed" this song because it's beautiful, but not so much to make a music vid with.

      I am trying to make a template with layers, frames and transitions in high definition. I'm working on an AMD AM2, 3 Ghz with 4 Gb ram, and it should be more than enough, but it isn't. Every time I attempt to join the vid together the programs crash. My settings are 640 X 480 "4X3 format" @ 30 fps. In all cases I re-size everything to those dimensions too before I import my work into the video editor. I also use the same settings for transitions in animated gif and convert those to Divx format.

      Something is wrong and some advice would be appreciated [], if you have any to offer.

      I'm using Paint Shop pro X3 and X4, also Pennacle Studio 14, VideoSpin, DebugMode Wax 2.0 and trying out a few others.

      My ambition is to make a full length film introducing highlights of current social trends and changes in government, in order to introduce others to access to find more information on a wide range of topics that I have found to be very interesting.

      I hope you enjoy this video and I hope Cyndi Lauper doesn't get offended over me using it for this stage of my studying. I will search for her name and send her a link to this if I can.

      Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

      [IMPORTANT] Follow this group "Petition to Kill Harper's Crime Bill"

      This post is about a FaceBook Group dealing with concerns over Canada's recent shifts in Freedom Rights, Privacy and the possibility that it may be heading towards a merger with the Government of The United States.

      I am not a citizen of Canada, still it concerns me and I think it should concern you also.

      Go to Facebook and find the group "Petition to Kill Harper's Crime Bill".

      Follow the concerned citizens who are trying to resist Canada's efforts to adopt bad policy from the US and strip Canadians of their freedom.

      Monday, September 12, 2011

      Elton John - Island Girl [Karaoke File in midi format]

      I've never seen these before, but I like it :-)

      Friday, September 9, 2011

      10 basic mistakes painters make, or 10 tips for more successful painting.

      This is not a beginners lesson and I don't like the name given to it.
      I would rather look at it as advice than criticism.

      Hope you like it :-)

      Thursday, September 8, 2011

      Edit, convert, build scenes, make effects, all for FREE from DebugMode

      Here to tell you about some fantastic video editing software and it's all FREE from the Satish Kumar at DebugMod.

      I really have no idea who he is, but I'd like to chat with him some day. He's putting out some excellent software and he aint in it for the buck. I admire that (I also know he needs some bucks to survive too)

      Below I'll give my weak version of an intro into some of his software. Next the page links and at the bottom a few vids that you can watch for a little jump start from the experienced editing artists to get you started.

      Wax 2.0 is (as I said) free. It handles many file types (codecs) and even more than that it allows you to decide the output frame sixe. Not many others allow that. It is also pretty fast compared to all the crap I've bought and after installing I notice no change in my computers speed or performance.

      WinMorph is an addon for WAX and it also works as a standalone package. After installing, it will see what else you have that it can or cannot work with (you decide if you want the plugins attached to other programs or not). It found my Adobe Premier and CS5,  it also found my Ulead Video Studio 8. I allowed the plugins, but haven't tried them out on the others yet.

      The Presets I don't remember how I found, might even be in with the plugins page.

      The other two are what I call extra's. FrameServer will allow you to dismantle video content for use in maling animated gifs, scenes or to merge in as transitional effects. I use VLC myself for stealing frames, but I'll try that one out later anyway. Wink is a sort of capturing device. It allows for you to add in buttons and with it you can build swf files, pdf's presentation files and many other choices. It is (as I understand), mostly used for making tutorials. I think I fould find other uses for it as well, but that's getting off-topic.

      Beyond that Satish has a few others. I'll look into them later, or you can do it yourself any time you want on his home page [HERE]


      How To Add Special Effects To Videos For Free

      Green screen effect

      NOTE:All of the tutorial vids I shared I got from HowCast, I even joined. There might be other sections on there, but the video how-to's start page is [HERE].

      Hope you enjoyed this and pass it on,,,

      Sunday, September 4, 2011

      The (real) History of The Federal Reserve [Full Film]

      This post is for you Chris Hon. It isn't the best version I have, best meaning "most entertaining". Still it's factual & interesting.

      Enjoy Hon,,,
      ((((((Hugs and a KOTC)))))))

      You can download a copy of it in flv format [here], or you can email me for DVD Quality avi or DivX format

      Saturday, September 3, 2011

      Classic Traffic [Steve Winwood]

      Music has always been an important part of my life. Some would say too much so, but I don't think so. No matter how you call it, it's been there every step of the way.

      Both my mother and aunt Pat were (at one time), professional backup singers for the top Country & Western bands, performers, whatever, when I was a young child. That did nothing to attract me to music in any way though. Even at age 8, 9 or 10 I could see right through the phoney accents, the bullshit drama and the freakin costumes were so bad that just calling them bad would be complimenting them. I hated sitting in the corner of the bar with my baby brother, younger brother & sister when I was 10 and staying quiet and out of the way until 1 or 2:00 AM. Worse than that was sitting out in the car on other nights, parked on the side of the bar or in the rear. Call it what you want, but I don't see much in Country music that I don't just want to spit at. There are a few greats and I admire them greatly, still this post isn't about that. It's about the music of my life. Not theirs.

      Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, tiny bit of Disco (maybe), Gospel, those are the sounds more agreeable to me. Most of those I hate too though. I just hate cookie-cutter anything. I Love talent though and this post is about talent.

      I could go 1,000 directions with this post. I'm just going to stick with Steve Winwood. I'll share from Wiki's page on him, rather than share the lies and rumors that I had heard in my younger days. I'll do that after I have my say though.

      I was 15 years old and in my first real apartment when I got a copy of Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. I wasn't even sure I was allowed to like it publicly then, so I asked a few friends if they liked it. One friend that I admired asked me to play it for him because he loved it and we got stoned listening to it over and over and on that day I became a fan.

      It had a Middle Earth feeling to it, sort of dreamy, sort of like the British meadow-lands even before England. Had some electric sounds too, but the horns, flutes were all new to me then.

      Later when I got married (just a few years later) I got a copy of Welcome to the Canteen. I think I ruined it listening to it (8-track tapes only last so long). I couldn't even order another copy now, because (they all said..) it was just an event type recording. It had been made to raise money for The Oz Benefit Concert. I was pissed! I called everyone and tried everything. I even offered $250 for a decent quality recorded copy of that album, because it reminded me so much of those early days with my wife.

      Steve Winwood also looked exactly like my brother Larry and Larry picked right up on it. We would party our asses o0ff and he would air guitar to the music. I can't even tell you how beautiful he was. Later he was struck by a car and he lives now, but has no memory of anything except before the accident.

      Soo, Traffic, Steve Winwood have been with me through some of the best times in my life.
      I hear the music now, I have to be careful with it. I don't "just" play it, because I don't want to ever trade off those memories for new ones I might make.

      I usually only listen a little and listen alone and Love my Brother again, and Love my Wife again and remember that age when I was still young and green and actually needed a friends acceptance before I could break out of the top 40 mold and go my own way into my own damn music (where I fukkin Belonged!).

      Please read a little from Wiki's page below, visit it yourself [here] and read the rest and check out some of the vids I'm sharing with you.


      Early years: 1960s

      While he was still a pupil at the Great Barr School,[5] Winwood was a part of the Birmingham rhythm and blues scene, playing the Hammond B-3 organ and guitar, backing blues singers such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Howlin' Wolf, B. B. King, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Eddie Boyd, Otis Spann, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley on their United Kingdom tours, the custom at that time being for US singers to travel solo and be backed by pickup bands. At this time, Winwood was living on Atlantic Road in Great Barr, close to the Birmingham music halls where he played. Winwood had modelled himself on Ray Charles.[4]
      At the age of 14 Winwood joined the Spencer Davis Group,[6] along with his older brother Muff, who later had success as a record producer. Steve's distinctive high tenor singing voice and vocal style drew comparisons to Ray Charles.[7] At the end of 1965 the group had their first number one single with "Keep On Running"[8] and the money from this success allowed Winwood to buy his own Hammond B-3 organ.[4]
      During this time Winwood joined forces with guitarist Eric Clapton as part of the one-off group Eric Clapton's Powerhouse. Songs were recorded for the Elektra label, but only three tracks were released on the compilation album, What's Shakin'.
      Winwood co-wrote and recorded the hits "Gimme Some Loving" and "I'm a Man" before leaving the Spencer Davis Group. Winwood met drummer Jim Capaldi, guitarist Dave Mason, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Wood, when they jammed together at The Elbow Room, a club in Aston, Birmingham.[9] After Winwood left the Spencer Davis Group in April 1967, the quartet formed Traffic.[10] Soon thereafter, they rented a cottage near the rural village of Aston Tirrold, Berkshire to write and rehearse new music.[9] The period at the cottage would prove important in the development of the band.[11]
      In 1968 Winwood played the organ on the song "Voodoo Chile" on the Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland. The following year he played keyboards on albums as diverse as Toots & the Maytals' Reggae Got Soul and Howlin' Wolf's The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions.
       Dear Mr. Fantasy
      Traffic at the Santa Monica, CA Civic Center 
      February 21, 1972

      Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
      Looks like same show

      As always, best for last,,,
      40,000 Headmen

      *Thinkin: "I shoulda just got the whole damn concert an posted it.."

      Saturday, August 27, 2011

      John Lennon, More than a musician...

      John Lennon has always fascinated me. He's shared himself in many ways and has quite a story that motivated him, but I'm not going to tell it.

      I always get pissed (as I mentioned before), when I hear disk jocks tell stories. Most of them are lies,,;"Listen to a liar and repeat from him and you risk becoming a liar yourself".

      Back in 1977 I was turned onto a bootleg recording of John Lennon that contained the songs "Working Class Hero" & "Mother". The rumor was that he only played the song Mother once live and after doing that he broke down in tears over it's emotional content.

      People talk, Idiots talk more, after that I heard a lot more from a lot more Idiots.

      Now I realize that the truth in the matter is that the D.J.'s were only doing their jobs, hyping up the contraversy to push the sales of even (fake) bootleg albums.

      I still, after that quit listening to the whores that sell bullshit as whatever...

      Here is the first I've seen or heard that I think I can trust in for even coming close to the story behind that powerful song. First I post "Mother", you should hear it first. Yea or nay, the film on John Lennon's early life follows after.

      Hope you like it, if not then lie an say you did. It won't even be the first time and I really don't give a shit anyway, because this post is for my Lovely Sister Lea...

      Now the film
      PS: It actually made fat guy feel feelins an shit,,,

      Nother PS: This is flv in HQ, you want DivX, mpeg or avi in HQ click some buttons on this page, find my email address and request. I'll send it to you for free.

      Sunday, August 14, 2011

      Funk from a friend...

      This came outta FaceBook Funk-war with a guy named Ken.

      I gotta admit he's got some Funk too, but I'm Still "The Funk" and ya better ya'll know it!


      Tuesday, August 9, 2011

      Vote NO on H.R.2164!

      I received an email asking that I support H.R. 2164.
      I am not sure when the last time was that an email pissed me off so much.
      It also asked that I ask my friends to support it... "pfft"
      Below is a screen cap of the email and my reply. Below that there will be a link for you to join me in opposing this yourself, with that I'll post my reasons for being against it.
      Click on pic to view full sized please?

      Here is the petition that I signed and sent in myself (my statement is at the bottom, the rest was written on the  form by someone else).
      August 9, 2011

      Dear Representative Smith:
      Dear Senator Nelson:
      Dear Senator Johanns:

      I urge you to oppose H.R.2164, the so-called "Legal Workforce Act."

      Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a victory for states, allowing them to require employers to use E-Verify or lose their business licenses.

      Congress had years to make the E-Verify program mandatory to stop companies from intentionally hiring illegal aliens, but they refused to act, causing honest employers to suffer and criminal businesses to thrive.

      Suddenly, after the Supreme Court has ruled, Congress wants to get into the game -- and for no good purpose. A vote for H.R.2164 will earn you the enmity of both liberals and conservatives.

      Do the right thing. Vote NO on H.R.2164!

      Those above are not my reasons, mine are mentioned below.

      "I oppose any form of electronic eligibility verification for employment requirement. I also oppose the laws that would restrict any persons ability to earn what he or she needs to survive. Laws like this are meant to cause only harm and even though they sprinkle up the bill with a few sweet ideas and offer up a few pluses. When it's passed it becomes as abused as all of the others have been.I can see this law being used to restrict the type of employment opportunities for even natural citizens and being used to filter out the classes and further define the limits of advancement for all. H.R. 2164 is not a law intended to protect. It is only a law of governing and we have too many of those types of laws already in place , being abused right now!"


      Mr. David Rice
      [my street] St
      [my city/state]