Saturday, August 27, 2011

John Lennon, More than a musician...

John Lennon has always fascinated me. He's shared himself in many ways and has quite a story that motivated him, but I'm not going to tell it.

I always get pissed (as I mentioned before), when I hear disk jocks tell stories. Most of them are lies,,;"Listen to a liar and repeat from him and you risk becoming a liar yourself".

Back in 1977 I was turned onto a bootleg recording of John Lennon that contained the songs "Working Class Hero" & "Mother". The rumor was that he only played the song Mother once live and after doing that he broke down in tears over it's emotional content.

People talk, Idiots talk more, after that I heard a lot more from a lot more Idiots.

Now I realize that the truth in the matter is that the D.J.'s were only doing their jobs, hyping up the contraversy to push the sales of even (fake) bootleg albums.

I still, after that quit listening to the whores that sell bullshit as whatever...

Here is the first I've seen or heard that I think I can trust in for even coming close to the story behind that powerful song. First I post "Mother", you should hear it first. Yea or nay, the film on John Lennon's early life follows after.

Hope you like it, if not then lie an say you did. It won't even be the first time and I really don't give a shit anyway, because this post is for my Lovely Sister Lea...

Now the film
PS: It actually made fat guy feel feelins an shit,,,

Nother PS: This is flv in HQ, you want DivX, mpeg or avi in HQ click some buttons on this page, find my email address and request. I'll send it to you for free.