Friday, September 3, 2010

This day in history in the news.

Well, if you wait a while today will be in history. That means this isn't a complete damn lie (I hope).

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September 3, 2010 in the damn news:

"WASHINGTON – Private employers hired more workers over the past three months than first thought, a glimmer of hope for the weak economy ahead of the Labor Day weekend. But the unemployment rate rose because not enough jobs were created to absorb the growing number of people looking for work."

First of all this is bullshit and I'm not even going to read this full news post. Want to know why? because I saw this coming months ago. First they change the self-employed rules which then takes contracted help out of the role of the self employed and places them in the role of as being employed by those who only use their services sporadically, like farmers hiring out small aspects of their crop preparation for transport or renewal or any other number of services used by small scale privately operated and run businesses and they then force those people to be listed as employed by those people. They know that the insurance and hidden costs are going to cripple the small time company and then later ruin the other guys ability to go out and hire on to work those small jobs but for today and for the record and for braggers rights a bunch of people got hired and it will last just a short time until everything goes "bang" and then the big guys get yet another small guys small farm or repair shop or whatever and this only ends when nobody has anything unless the government has its hand in it.


"While the rest of the political world is preoccupied with the midterm elections, Chicago dentist William DeJean is hatching plans for 2012. He shelled out $5,000 to create an ad encouraging Americans to back a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2012. He says the spot will run in New Orleans, Washington, New York and Los Angeles."

More smoke for the news media to be spreading around. Anything will work as long as they get and keep your attention on the stupid shit.

Read it if you want to but as far as I can see it's nothing but noise used to hide the real noise...U.S. unemployment soars to 9.6% after economy loses 54,000 jobs in a month

'The data from the U.S. Labor Department showed the economy lost 54,000 jobs last month as the United States continues to struggle to recover from the recent global recession.
Economists had predicted even worse figures and despite the fact unemployment rose for the first time in four months, a number of experts described the news as 'positive'"

I'm confused. Didn't we just add 67,000 jobs? Now they say we lost 54,000? Did we only add 13,000 workers or did we add 67,000 then fire 54,000 all in the same month or did we add 67,000 then deport 54,000 because they were illegal immigrants and they were here stealing jobs from good honest Americans who were once illegal immigrants or their families were when they stole boats and ships and came over from Spain, England, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden and Russia with stolen illegal alien slaves who worked for really nothing  and stole jobs picking cotton and oranges and cuttin firewood and all kinds of other shit. 

Now I'm really confused. I say we fukkin arrest everybody, arrest me even and let the judge sort things out but first make sure the damn judge aint an illegal alien here stealin a job from another "honest" American too.
How to Lie With Statistics (1954) - Huff.pdf

I better quit and think about this stuff for a while...

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