Monday, August 30, 2010

Alice Cooper "Nobody likes Alice - live", blues too???

Alice Cooper - Nobody likes Alice (1969-Live)
This is the (I guess Cassette tape rip of) the 1970 concert "Nobody likes Alice" recording from his Toronto show. With this I obtained even some earlier works of his and may post them also, but for now I'll just stick with this.

 One reason I chose this one over the other was that it shows the Alice Cooper that we all have grown to admire in his not-so early stages of development but full of talent and well on his way to becoming the Super-Star Alice of fame as we know him now.

I did include my comments with the posts even though I hate that, what with opinions being all that they are. Still I did it because if you only plan to try a few I hope you'll at least give the blues tracks a shot. Trust me, it'll be painless and you'll be glad you did it in the end.
01 - Ain't That Just Like A Woman.
  This one is very good. It's almost like a Honky-Tonk night club blues. Plenty of horns, brass end is great.

02 - Painting A Picture.
A little more electric, vocals are pretty good. Music is full of confusion, it adds to the suspense though.

03 - For Alice.
  Similar to the last track with some warped metal effects. Still good tho.

04 - I've Written Home To Mother.
  More metal. I think this and the last two go together well like a trilogy.

05 - Freak Out Song.
  Good lyrics, nice & dark. First real taste of Acid Rock yet.

06 - Goin' To The River.
  Really good blues. I'd like to hear more like this. Keys are nice, guitar kinda catchy, harp adds to its completion.

07 - Nobody Likes Me.
  Kind of dark, I've heard better but I guess it fits here.

08 - Science Fiction.
  More Acid Rock here. This one's better tho.

09 - Ain't That Just Like A WomanGoin' To The...
  Close-out blues medley of the others previously. I'm not sure why he added this one, because it seems redundant. Maybe it was a track intended for promo radio play.

All in all this album scored 31 's  out of a possible 45. I guess that ranks it at 3.4 out of possible 5. Pretty good if you ask me.

BONUS: Alice with Dali

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