Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[E-Book Complete] Seeds of Deception - Exposing Lies About Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods (2003)

Seeds of Deception - Exposing Lies About Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods (2003) by Jeffrey M. Smith is a "must read" for those concerned with the ongoing and growing food orientated health problems here in America. 

Both me and my daughter have Coeliac Disease (Gluten Sprue), most people in America call it "Celiac". I have done a great deal of reading on the subject and most of the information about the recent rise of people effected with this food intolerance points to over processed foods and the modification of our food supply. It has become widely believed that tampering of our most basic and widely used grains and staple foods like corn and wheat has caused many peoples immune system to react to them with intolerance, causing symptoms ranging from allergy like to the equivalent of being poisoned.

It is becoming more and more clear to us that the average person cannot do anything to avoid the need to use these modified foods for survival and that means that only those average or below average in society need be effected by these changes to our food supply. The above average to the extremely wealthy though, well naturally they have more options and they have the resources allowing them the ability to survive off of a different standard of food so then, they have more choices than the rest of us. 

I guess what that means is it's the average person who really needs to force the changes to take effect and stop the poisoning of our food supply.  Of course others may find some time and help as they can but want to and want to is only "want to", just as need to is still as always "need to" and I think those of us that need to had better piss or get off the pot or fall down next to it and give up.

I can't say any more on this topic. It pisses me off to much and I try so hard not to scream out like an idiot about it my words just get muddled up and I confuse even myself. 

Laters all...

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