Saturday, July 31, 2010

Susan Tedeschi's new Web Site & some vids...

Susan Tedeschi is so beautiful. Her blues style is like nothing I have ever heard before. She doesn't know me and if I ever met her I'd damn well remember her so given that I'd bet the only way she got my email address was from here.

By the way, let me start this out right because I'm messing up a little. I just got an email from Susan Tedeschi  and I'm too blown away to reply to it. Wasn't much anyway, just a link to her new bands site (or band site). It's called Derek Trucks & Susan and the name is the link.

I never met her or even saw her sing live even though we lived close together. Seems I missed every show because of work

schedule at the time (bummer), but a friend claimed to visit her often and invited me often. This was James Berry from

Attleborough. I figured it was lies and thought better than to allow him to do something foolish enough to impress me I opted out. Doesn't matter now tho R.I.P. James ; blessings

I'm posting a couple of her YouTube vids to get you going onto her web site. If you don't want to now then have a listen and I'm sure you will after.

One more thing,,,
Thank You Susan for the email and Blessings Forever.

Hurt so bad

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi doing a cover of Bob Dylan's Don't think twice at KGON Studios in Portland, Oragon

Angel from Montgomery
(as usual, best for last)

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