Sunday, July 25, 2010

Danielle Watson is damn good....

Danielle Watson and I both commented on an Eva Cassidy post, I followed up a couple times but I've been very busy for the last 4 or 5 weeks and haven't been keeping track. My loss though because she does have talent and I think she was flirtin with me ( <--- that's a crock of s**T). Okay she didn't even flirt with me so just get over it and listen to her magic.

Danielle just recently began recording. She's a beautiful Aussie and she "claims" to have a funky accent, but we all know who's got the Funk here, Don't we!

Anyway she covers Eva Cassidy, The Eagles and another one but I'm only posting Fields of Gold & Hotel California because I like those two the most.

Please notice her voice. It's soft as silk, like a whisper or a private word being shared.

Fields of Gold Eva Cassidy tribute

Hotel California


Anonymous said...

she is absolutely stunning

Anonymous said...

her voice is so distinct and original, like nothing ive heard, gentle, soft..............i think im in love with her

Dave Rice said...

Yea Annie Nonimiss. Aint she great!