Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vampires: Why They Bite (Full Movie, but in 7 parts)

Vampires are currently topping the bestselling lists and raking in millions at the box office. Historian Lisa Hilton explores our enduring fascination and traces the origins of our favourite bogeyman, charting the transformation of the vampire from monster to heartthrob. With contributions from Charlene Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and Toby Whithouse, creator of Being Human.

(Part 1)

Time 8:16

(Part 2)

Time 8:12

(Part 3)

Time 8:44

(Part 4)

Time 8:38

(Part 5)

Time 7:58

(Part 6)

Time 6:40

(Part 7)

Time 8:42

I have a prior post with links to Orbit Downloader and FormatFactory. Both are free and both are excellent for posts like this. You can use Orbit to download all seven pieces and then open FormatFactory, stitch them together into a single file and even change them to MP4, Avi or MPEG to watch on your DVD player or whatever.

Here's that post for you that I mentioned above "" even if you don't use those progs here, you'll find plenty of use for them later...

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