Sunday, August 1, 2010

Macon County Jail (1997). [Full Movie]

Macon County Jail (1997)

I put this on expecting a remake of the movie Macon County Line from around 1974, but got this one instead. I guess it's got one nude scene in it (if that bothers you), beyond that it looks like a decent film.

Macon County Jail: Our heroine isn't having a good time. Having lost her L.A. job and walked out on her unfaithful boyfriend, she finds herself stuck in nowhere Macon County when her car and possessions are stolen by the girl hitch-hiker she picks up on her way to New York. Though innocent, she is thrown in jail for holding up a local store.

Warning: Rated R for violence, language and a scene of sexuality.

Download link [here], it works today anyway.

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