Friday, May 28, 2010

World is changing, watch out for FIMA, watch out for your own future.

This is another warning film called "Police State 4 - The Rise of F.I.M.A.". This one among many others has me on the alert for some pretty fast and incomprehensible changes to our way of living and society as a whole.

I give this film next to no merit on its own standing because of the topics it sets out to deal with. I on the other hand have heard many other speak on a great deal about many of this films topics and conclusions. I am talking about trusted people too from members of our own government to university professors, I am also talking about changes that I myself have seen and am still seeing around us right now. That is the merit that this film does stand on with me.

I know you don't want to watch it. I know you don't want to hear it. I know you want things to magically straighten themselves out and leave you the hell out of it.

That would make you a member of the American Majority and not looking at it at all gives you the excuse "Nothing seen, Nothing heard, How could I know?", but look up the word excuse and see what it really means before you decide to fill your own pocket with a bunch of them.

An excuse is in some ways a plea for release from an obligation or duty, also to overlook something and allow it to proceed. In my eye an excuse is a weak mans reasoning to allow an issue to go forward with the hopes that in the end no matter what results, no matter who it costs he can ask to take a part on the winning side. Excuses killed 5,000,000 Jews and over 20,000,000 Native Americans, allowed the rape and murder in public of young woman during the puritan era and allowed the poisoning and torture of many men in our own times by our medical association and our own government. See The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment 1932 to 1972. Look into forced lobotomy and electro-shock treatments. Look at our future too...

Now is the film, full size view is better (click button on bottom right of player), download even better. Look into my archives for page on saving video's. Watch it or not I really don't care but I will read and I will watch and I will look hard at my options.

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