Monday, May 24, 2010

Wizards (1977), a Ralph Bakshi film

Wizards was a film done by Ralph Bakshi. I first found the characters in a magazine that I collected called Heavy Metal. It was a bit far fetched and a little off the wall but I thoroughly enjoyed it in the mag, so I wanted badly to see the film.

I never did get to see the film when it came out though but recently found it on the internet.

This is a paragraph taken from Wiki's page on the film and it shows a little bit how "far off the wall" the characters were. "Earth has been devastated by a nuclear war instigated by five terrorists, and it has taken two million years for the radioactive clouds to once again allow sunlight to reach the surface. Only a handful of humans have survived, while the rest have changed into mutants who roam the radioactive wastelands. In the idyllic land of Montagar, the true ancestors of man — fairies, elves and dwarves — have returned and live in peace. During a celebration of 3,000 years of peace Delia, queen of the fairies, falls into a trance and leaves the party. Puzzled, the fairies follow her to her home and discover that she has given birth to twin wizards. Avatar, a kind and good wizard, spends much of his boyhood entertaining his mother with beautiful visions, while Blackwolf, a mutant, never visits his mother, but spends his time torturing small animals."

Below is the film posted in parts and in one piece full.

Wizards (1977)

Posted by ErikErikSonyD on his YouTube channel. Click on his top right uploads box or here to see all of his posts and subscribe because the Dude has some decent stuff posted there.

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Full vid link is [Here], but in "Save as" or "Open with" format. No viewing screen option. Size is 448 MB, so saving it might work better than buffering it through any viewer

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