Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get Windows XP (SP3) Free???

I donno, I have Windows 7 and hate it. I put it and the hard drive it's on in a damn box but I'd like to try Service Pack 3 if I can get it.

This I got from my email and it actually came to there from this page here.

I'd only try this on a new drive with a new operating system because I hope my days of reformatting and rebuilding my computer every week are finally over and gimmicks were usually the cause of my problems.

Post is as follows...

Get Window XP (SP3) Free with Window 7 Virtual Machine
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Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott reveal a new Windows 7 application compatibility feature called Windows XP Mode. Yes, it's that "secret new feature" you've been hearing about ...

Over a month ago, we were briefed about a secret Microsoft technology that we were told would be announced alongside the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) and would ship in final form simultaneously with the final version of Windows 7. This technology, dubbed Windows XP Mode (XPM, formerly Virtual Windows XP or Virtual XP, VXP), dramatically changes the compatibility story for Windows 7 and, we believe, has serious implications for Windows development going forward. Here's what's happening.

XPM is built on the next generation Microsoft Virtual PC 7 product line, which requires processor-based virtualization support (Intel and AMD) to be present and enabled on the underlying PC, much like Hyper-V, Microsoft's server-side virtualization platform. However, XPM is not Hyper-V for the client. It is instead a host-based virtualization solution like Virtual PC; the hardware assistance requirement suggests this will be the logical conclusion of this product line from a technological standpoint. That is, we fully expect future client versions of Windows to include a Hyper-V-based hypervisor.

That was the post. They have plenty more on that page to read through too. Here is that link again [LINK]

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