Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top 10 pages and downloads revisited...

#1) This page is the January 4th, 2009 Archive. I have absolutely no idea why but it is the #1 page for hits. See if you can tell me [here it is].

#2) It's odd but January 25th, 2009 came in second. [Here's the link]

#3) Is just the front page

#4) Is the post called "Wimmin kill too", the link to it is [here].

#6) It's the post on MagicJack. I was gonna delete it too, but [here] it is.

#7) Is the new post on the film The Last House on the Left. There must be a mistake to that one because I just posted it a few days ago. It's [here] anyway.

#8) Is an Origami post on how to build a double lock envelope. It's [here] if yer interested.

#9) Is a Katey post. That doesn't surprise me either because she gets hits all over on here plus in this post I made a Happy Mothers-day pic for her Mom. I didn't do that out of desire for her. I made it for her out of respect for her support that she gives Katey. It really means a lot to see a relationship between a parent and the offspring getting along so well. I really regret having to step aside sometimes from my children. The post is [here] though.

#10) Is tied with quite a few but I think the Andy Pratt, Supertramp or the Ian Hunter post take that spot based on past reviews.

My Downloads top 10 go into two categories One is files, other is grabbing off of page. I might post both, might even just post one. I'll start now and see how things go.

#1) Top is a picture of Janis Joplin.

#2) Is a picture of Cher.

#3) Is Grace Slick bein sexy as ever!

#4) Ia a pic of DVJ Bazuka.

#5) Is a pic of the Execution of Lincolns Assassins.

#6) Is the divorce letter.

#7) Is another pic [here].

#8) Is a Google picture of me tracking some government agency blogging me near the West Bank in Jordan.

#9) Is a picture of my Son's grave stone [link].

#10) Is My Son, WOW that kinda burnt me...

Enough of that shit. I'll post now the top 10 files downloaded...

#1) Is Brooks & Dunn singin My Maria and the count is at 2,269 for that one.

#2) Is Jimmy Hendrix playing an instrumental version of Little Wing. That one should be top but it's only hitting at 2,234 so far.

#3) Is The Guess Who playing No Sugar Tonight. It got hit 1,091 times.

#4) Is Jeffery Gaines playing In Your Eyes. It received 1,063 hits.

#5) Is The Stylistics singing You are Everything. In the 1,000 range. My typin finger's gettin wore out...

#6) Is Nine Inch Nails, Burn. About 600 hits.

#7) Is Buried alive in the blues by Janis. About 600 too.

#8) Is Patsy Cline (One of the best) singing You Belong To Me. Almost 600 also.

#9) Is Who the Fuck is Alice by Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show. Count is 545.

#10) Is Nazareth Telegram. It got hit 545 times.

I decided to add the vids (not most viewed but most downloaded) because they showed in a different category.

Top film is Mimi Yui. I cannot post it here because it's got some sexual stuff happnin in there, but it really aint like sex. It's just very artistic and weird. Here's a link to it [Download it here].

1) Next is one of my favorites. It's Thunderheists song Jerk It. <--- Link downloads the file.

2) After that is the Meg White sex tape. I aint postin the link or vid. Find it yourself if you want it.

3) Then comes the hilarious swf Who let the dogs out. I'll post it but hope it doesn't auto-start. If it does I delete it anyway from this post.
"DELETED because it autostarted too loud, snag it from download link if you want it. It is good and worth the time"

4) Then comes Chicago 25 or 6 to 4.

5) After that is The Film Forbidden Zone in all its parts, it's in the shoe box because some adult (rated pg-13) content

6) Then a film short or part of a post "X-Universe"??? .... Ah yes, it's part of the film Across The Universe. I bet the rest of it's posted too but I aint searchin for it now after over 2 hours on this damn post alone. I also aint fixing the preview size. I tried 5 times, still screwed it up. Full screen it if you prefer.

7) Mano Kadosh.avi? It's a really good version of Windmills of your mind.

8) Is the film Christiana F. I aint posting the post in parts, so here's the page. I'm not getting this out of page hits history. These are the downloads and all of the parts of that one are all over the stats.

9) Fire on High vid by Electric Light Orchestra (Creation version). This song also ranks high on subliminal content too. So don't listen to it or it might fry yer brain and have dressin up funky and staring at sunsets aimlessly.

10) Vid called Snow Buddies, only 34 minutes posted in this post but rest must be on here somewhere if you looks for it. Also I bet you that just for the sake of this never ending post I didn't bother to resize it right too. "Oh well........"

I guess I only finished this post to see if I could handle it. I don't think I ever searched so hard for anyones links, let alone my own. It's done though and I'd like to thank you for your time and inspiration. It really does matter.

Laters all...

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