Monday, May 10, 2010

The Last House on the Left or "Revenge is Sweet"

Back in 1972 this film was the rage of the drive-in scene but most of us were too young to see it alone and parents were too shocked to bring us to see it. That's where sneaking out at night, walking three towns away and jumping a fence to get into the drive-in comes to play and that's how I got to see it.

I can say that at the time it was worth all the effort because it gave me something to brag about for weeks. I also lied a little and added some extra scariness to it that actually wasn't in it. Still it was plenty scary for back then and I was only 11 years old.

Below are two versions. I have not seen the 2009 version yet except 10 minute preview so I have no opinion on it but the 72 version was fantastic. I have the original posted streaming and the newer remake as a link. Right pic on the poster picture. Select "open in a new window" and select the "save as location". It's in decent quality AVI format and server's pretty good with speed.


The Last House on the Left - 1972 version
(Click right side lower hand box next to Google button to view in full screen)

The Last House on the Left - 2009 version
(Poster is download link, do the right click & do the "save as" thing to get it)

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