Friday, December 11, 2009

Nebraska Scam and greed

These idiots run the worst newspaper in the country. The writers save ink like a grandmother that only owned one pen in her life. They are so commercially vague it's in insult to any opposing fact. I can't believe they even sell this crap and now they are trying to sell the notion that everyone needs to donate money to the wealthiest farmers in the nation. These farmers by the way say they have to buy a brand new vehicle every year to avoid taxes. They don't live in towns, they live on what is called "rural land", this means they don't even pay the taxes we pay for some things. I think if they want to irrigate they can and should pay for it. I'm getting sick and tired of the little guy being forced to kiss a fat ass!

Farm Bureau Says Irrigation is Important to Nebraska Kearney, Nebraska<--- idiots

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The Nebraska Farm Bureau says the entire state benefits from the irrigation farmers use to raise bountiful crops, so everyone in the state should pay part of the cost of water-management programs.

Farmers and ranchers attending the Farm Bureau's convention in Kearney voted to encourage the state to seek funding from a variety of sources as it deals with its water problems.
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Nebraska has used more water than allowed in recent years under the three-state Republican River compact, which includes Kansas and Colorado.

Nebraska has more irrigated acres than any other state, and people outside the state's metro areas complain that urban residents don't understand irrigation's importance to the state's economy.

Look at that, 12 lines about nothing but taking from people with nothing. Talk about shabby news reporting, my daughter could do better, well maybe 15 lines in this formatting but only 7 & 1/2 on notepad. Someone needs a job at McDonalds so he don't have to type so much.

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