Wednesday, December 9, 2009

By far my most popular page or "hit" on this blog.

Trust me, I don't even know why but 74% of my new hits hit this [Posts for January 4th, 2009 Archive]

I kinda wish someone would tell me because I'd like to know what the attraction is to that damn archive.

I bet it's Janis Joplins boobs, or it might be DVJ Bazuka. I kinda wish you weren't all just into tits and ass because it's not what this was built for. I like tits too but they are everywhere. Studies say that pretty soon there'll be more wimmins out there than men anyway so naught is the need for me to share my interest in them with you. I only posted them as art form...

Anyone know why that page gets hit on so much please tell me.


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