Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dark Moor, The Agonist variations on Swan Lake...

Great song, great version. I found these searching for a modern version I have. I'd post mine but it contains adult material and I want to avoid that.

These are good anyway though.

Dark Moor - Swan Lake - Autumnal

This is the album version. I posted it for better sound quality but never checked to see that it was (my bad, oh well...)

This is a link to the related song by them called "Silver Lake". Guy that posted it disabled embedding and although I could post it I'm not going to, so here's the link to it --->[Link].

Just for S**TS & GIGGLES here's a link to the pole dancing version [LINK]. It is safe for work but after about 30 seconds the vid takes a turn and sucks, so for that reason I aint postin it here.

The Agonist version is next and I kinda like it. It's a little dreamy. I think you'll like it too.

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