Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here (Download album, playlist and streaming options)

Pink Floyd s 1975 Classic Album Wish You Were Here
This is a pretty good find...

Listen<--- Plays it on WinAmp or whatever selected default media player is that plays streaming media.

PlayList<--- En-queues onto your current playlist (more on that lower in post).

Download <--- Entire Album - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (61.1 MB)

This I found doing a Google search for a high bit version of Wish you were here. My burn is only 128kbps and it sounds shitty at that bit rate. The trick I used in this search was the "intitle:index of" search option. This allows you to search content of directories rather than pages. My search was as follows,,, "intitle:index of" PinkFloyd/WishYouWereHere.mp3. From there I found IDK Server [here] and by following the root I found many others posted [here]. In each directory you will find links, follow them and click onto the playlist option and it will add your selection to your existing playlist. You can then save the playlist somewhere and hear it any time you want or even from any other computer as long as there is a media player that wllows streaming media installed. That by the way was the "more on that lower in post" that I mentioned above.

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