Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cronos (1993) movie link in high quality format.

This is a download link. The movie is found on [this page] on Divx's site and the info is from (IMDB) or "The Internet Movie Database" located [here]. You can also click on the poster to get to the film.

The movie is 502 MB in AVI format. You might want to just download it and then watch it or start it and then pause it for about 20 minutes to build up a decent buffer so it won't skip and jump around as you watch it, also it's better to watch if you click the full screen button on the player.

In 1535, an alchemist builds an extraordinary mechanism encapsulated into a small golden device. The invention, designed to convey eternal life to its owner, survives its maker until 1997 when it shows up to an antiquarian. Fascinated with the strange device, Gris (Luppi) doesn't note that there's more than one person looking for it. The promise of eternal life has become an obsession to old and sick Mr. De la Guardia (Brook). He and his nephew (Perlman) will do anything to get the "Chronos Invention". Written by Maximiliano Maza

An aging antique dealer, Jesus Gris, happens upon an elegant mechanized scarab. When opened, it painfully stabs whomever is holding it, but the wound brings youthful vigor and a vampire's need for blood. The device is relentlessly pursued by a dying tycoon, Dieter de la Guardia, whose nephew Angel, reluctant to see his uncle live a moment longer, must still do the old man's bidding. Meanwhile, Gris's desires endanger his own granddaughter, Aurora. Written by

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