Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If I was Fred Astaire, you'd want to dance with me.
If I was Lilly Tomlin you'd be answerin the phone,
and If I was anyone but myself you's want some more from me.
I's sorry I'm not but I'm who I am and I'm who I should be.
Spent first half of my life trying to prove myself on proving grounds or so to speak.
Spent second half to find myself and I'm damn good at what I am.
Tossed away most friends and family, decided most were false and insecurities dominated their ways.
That's not pride I mentioned there but followers are only trends.
No structure there and it seems they never change.

If I could sing you'd sing with me,
but in truth I know I can't
If I could fly I'd soar the skies,
maybe after I die?
If I was just a fluffy thing,
followed every damn urge and desire.
What would I be I'm not sure of,
But I'm certain I'd not be free.

Let law run forth, obay the laws.
Let yourself be seen as you.
If I could I would, you know I would.
Just can't do it because I am only me.
Sorry, but it just is that way.

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