Friday, February 12, 2010

Audrey Rose (Movie)

I read this book back in 1976 and it was great. Today I stumbled upon the vid and I'm going to try to post it.

The story line is about a man who lost his wife and daughter due to an automobile accident but then receives information from a psychic that his daughter had been born again to another family. He attempts to see her and contact her but he is perceived as some sort of child molester and nobody believes him. As I said, I did read the book, story is good but I don't want to say any more and kill the films suspense.


In parts...

Part 1 of 3,

Part 2 of 3,

Part 3 of 3,

NOTE: I posted full version and same film in parts because Megavideo sometimes times you out after 77 minutes or so and I think film is 90 minutes long

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