Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do not read.

Words are not meant to be read, meant only to be said.
Memory is not only posed pictures, nightmares are real.
Blessings not the gatherings of incestuous friends,
The walk away is the only cure.
Blessings are the gifts of life, not one blessing is untrue.
Frustration is the gathering of the memories that served you wrong.
Pointless is this conversation, one written for one that will not read.
Cold smoke in the gathering, and then she will see.


Martyrs of the faith...
Longing in their losses and then blame it on the cake.
Children,,,,no comment on them.
Adults deserve the bargaining, don't asshole blame decisions on them!

Next comes the measurement.

Should you weigh yourself or should I?
My family is all I ever asked for, throw them away on pride?

Kiss my ass skin-fish, we will fight!

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