Thursday, December 31, 2009


She was alone but I was standing there naked in the cold.
Alone in my ferocity, accepting as I was told.
She stood stunning in her own in-grace, steward unto herself,
I stood silently watching her, her world was now resolve.
Sometimes naked and ashamed we were,
sometimes pride with-ought a doubt,
sometimes subtle in the insanity,
Often more, wont make that rhyme.
Effortless she had a child and then another one instead.
Me I'm only father though, no use in her life t's said
One waken of formality would burn it all to shame.
The children gone a fukin slit, law would end her game.
defend though and I fight for her, For her insanity.
Trust God who she pertends to trust but trust law more than that.
Pertends was not a mis-quote, means to me she tends to self.
An island on a narrow strip could not contain the likes of her.

One blessing I pray for is loss of likes and times spent with her.
My children even speak her tone, I guess I lost them too.
my son won't even fix his car, not in five minutes of time,
daughter say's I suck but in her mothers words, not hers

If blessed be a mercy then let mercy now be straight,
Give those fools a taste of honesty and me a bed in ruins...

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