Sunday, December 27, 2009

Across the universe, it's a musical and a movie.

"Across the Universe is a love story and musical with creative interpretations of Beatles classics. Critics looker for deeper meaning seem to forget this simple fact. Incredible cameos by Joe Cocker, Bono, and an earth-shattering Gospel version of 'Let it Be', are all in themselves reason enough to see the film. I was lucky enough to see this recently at the historic Elgin theater in Toronto. Julie Taymor is one of the most eloquent directors I've heard to date. Not only has this film advanced the art of film-based musicals, it will most certainly get the Oscar nod and introduce a legion of new young fans to the Beatles. I for one can't wait to see and experience it again!"<--- from IMDB's page, located [here]

I have wanted to post this for two years but I got it in avi format at about 2.5Gigs in size. Because of size limitations I would have needed to break it into 25 or 26 parts in very short segments.

Tonight I remembered Format Factory, it's a free program for anyone to use. Using that I broke it down into several segments and converted it to flv to share with you. Even better than that is you can get Format Factory and convert it back into avi or mpg as one full flick and even better is I upped the sound quality from 96 kbs to 192 bit for better bass response and higher treble quality. I also increased the viewable frame rate from 4fbs to 18, this means less skipped frames in the viewing process.

The bad news again is I had to convert it to flv to reduce the file size so that I can post it.

I know you'll love the film and I recommend you download Format Factory for free from [here], combine the parts and burn a nice DVD from it.

Below is the film in parts, below that also are the download links and the soundtrack which I also extracted from Format Factory to share with you.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Download part 1,part 2, part 3 , part 4

NOTE: Huge upload, will post mp3' as they finish loading.

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