Sunday, June 7, 2009


Objection is just rejection waitin to happen
Rejection is just objection comin in on it's way to happen
Subjection is only the reason
Reflection is yer memory of the event
Projection i'd be my goal and planned attempt
Projection is a funny smell in the wind
Reflection is the image recorded on yer camera, but guess what???
It's Also recorded on mine!
Refraction needs to be defined...
Infraction is a need to be refined
Abstraction, well now that's a lie that feeds
Distraction is a method leaving way to retreat
Infraction is you messin with my life
Protraction is me servin you back it Twice!
But Objection is where it all begins...
Why the hell you object with me an why you feel the need?

Only 1,000,000 people come here a month. Out of you maybe 5 can read so don't worry about yer friends seein this cause I'm sure none of em can unnerstaind it anyway!

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