Monday, June 8, 2009

Funking Dave, or "My first truly honest post"

Funking Dave is a name given to me from the back door of a house in Mansfield in Massachusetts.

My father had a woman or wife or??? Anyway she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Her name was Marguerite and she was from London. She still had the accent and very strong, she also looked just like Emma Peeler from the show "The Avengers", she wore spandex and her eyes were always sharp and stunning. She wore cakes of mascara that made her lashes look like waves surrounding her eyes in passion.

I was only 7 years old at the time so I had no intent for sex or even her body as defined in form but I had ears and eyes and loved what I heard of her voice and saw of her.

I couldn't keep her attention long enough ever so I started a game.

I would piss her off and get the reaction instead, and that seemed better than nothing anyway.

In the end my father was dieing... I remember her screaming out at me "Fukking Divad! I eva catch you boy I'll rip yer ass bloody!" and she would chase me. She never caught me because I ran slow enough to enjoy her chasing me and look back at the attention I had earned and gotten from her, still fast enough to get more out of it. I still use that name today and it came from her.

Nobody will let me use Fukking Divad, but Funking Dave was close enough for me.

She had 5 daughters, three were "were" my sisters for real. None are now.

I begged over 20 years to know them but I was obviously nigger-trailer-trash to them & I can accept that now.

I think about 12 years ago I saw three of them. I got 15 minutes with them, one burnt me with a rubber check and all three of them took off leaving me in an almost bare apartment while they went off to spend the reward. Got a phone call weeks later but was blown off again after making plans for a dinner and other caring bullshit... "pfft!"

Now I think none of them have any use for me but in my realm of reasoning I am glad because loss has value as well as gain and equal in force.

Dean Elliot Albee was my stepfather, her friend (still is)and a pedophile, child molester and a pig. They all know it but the freak has monetary value so... He's still "a good guy"

He loves boys under 12 years old and girls under 16 or 17. He sells cocaine to teen girls and fucks em like it's normal.

My first real sexual girlfriend he hated but one night, about my 6th or 7th time making love (not getting laid), I was in a misshaped camper out behind my house. I looked over through the window, through my bedroom window, through my bedroom door at the table and saw him watching us make love.

He hated her, would not speak to her but tonight he called her parents and offered her a ride home.

She never spoke to me again after that night!

I asked to go with them, he refused with a few excuses. I was very naive and the thought never occurred to me that he could even flirt with her (since he claimed he hated her anyway), but it is obvious something scared her out of my life on that ride home that night.

Anyway, back to point...

My sisters are all prim & proper thieves and above me. I loved Marguerite, but she also is too good for me. Dean Elliot Albee is a child molester that seduces his daughters young friends with drugs but that piece if shit stands above me in her eyes???

Fukkin glad and the only thing I ever kept from that bunch of shit was my name--> Funking Dave!


Funking Dave said...

Dean, I tracked you and it,s ok cause only 5,572,358 people have seen this post and USA statistics show that 80% of Americans can't even read so just in case yer one of the "higher" percentage group I'll explain it to you. What it means is that only one million one hunnert and fourteen thousand, four hunnert an seventeen point six people know yer a fukkin perv.

Not to bad considerin how you shit on people, is it?

BTW, I misspell so you can unnerstaind what I's sayin Boy!

Barb said...

love it...time to kick those ghosts outta the closet

Funking Dave said...

Cut like a knife!