Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I worked over 20 years for The United States Government.

I really did. I worked over twenty years for the judicial system in America. I was 100% efficient, successful and I followed through on everything, but I quit my job about 15 years ago.

What was my job?

I was a drug addict.

I noticed once that judges were making money off of me. Cops overtime pay off of me. Prosecutors were staying late to prosecute, lawyers were stealing everything they could from me and get this.... I was fuckin payin for it all!!!

I was not having any fun, drugs were okay in a sense to rebel with but they offered me no peace. I had to work overtime to pay the assholes who in part created the situation I was in.

I saw only one way out and that answer was "Stop playin a game with the assholes!"

So I quit.

Now no one believes me even after over 15 years but I did get out. Now the punks rip me off in court over dog tickets and slander, but I'm not the liar! Now the police still hate me, but I'm not the one playing that game. As a matter of fact I always thank the jerk-offs and talk kindly to them.

Result is as I knew it would be and that's that the judges and courts don't want me to live free or be free. That they miss the fun of the fight and the thrill of putting me down.

All I have to say now is "Thank-ya yer honer" and "when do I have to pay the dog ticket by?" and smile my best smile, knowing he heard me completely.

My advice to you is don't feed those assholes, don't help a cop get overtime pay, don't help a lawyer buy a BMW and don't for a minute think that doing drugs is in any way a revolt. It is not an excersise of freedom. It is if anything a part of the system that wants only to contain you!

Be Free - Live Drug Free!!!

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