Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to find videos, free and easy

Old friend of mine asked me how to find videos.
I told her I use search methods. Here are some of the easiest ones to use and with them you can find just about anything out there.
First one is, it's two things. It's a vid search that can search all the major sites and (I'm not sure if it works with Internet Explorer or Chrome, find out yourself), but if you use Firefox you can download the videos for free from most sites with their downloader [Here].
Another good one is [Here].
Google works, but it's really mostly a Youtube search, [here's the link], I had to type in something just to get the search option. I typed "movies", type anything you like in in the search options.

Id you like software try ashampoos Clipfinder 2, might still be free, might be ten bucks. I don't know because I own it and can't get to the buy option.

More than that there's Irfanview that lets you watch streaming and record as you watch almost anything, but it'll take some reading to figure it out. I'm not sure if he remembers me, but Irfan Skiljan that built this was a friend of mine ten years ago and this is by far the best anything viewer you can ever get and it's free.

Beyond that beware. There are many search programs out there. Most I have found out put hijackers on your browser and mess with all your searches.

This post is for Charlotte, but also for anyone interested.

Stupid picture posted below only to show something more than a link....

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