Monday, October 28, 2013

Some games, freeware & PSP Plugin links

These are from a couple of frames I’m making for my website, I’m only posting them here to see if it works doing it that way and to see what it looks like after copy/pasting the lazy way.
I’m not even sure how this will work, but if it works well the games and links are good.

From Fun section:
Play Duck Hunt, Ultimate Flash Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario's Adventure, Mario's Adventure 2, Classic Packman, Mahjong Tower, Penthouse pool (no nudity), or make burgers at Big Bobs Burger Joint, or play Tetris.

From Paint Shop Addons Section:

  • PSPLUG Free Filters, a section from the Paint Shop User Group.
  • HootyToot's Free Plugins Page, also the dll's needed for Windows XP and Vista.He also has tons of masks, brushes, gradients, shapes, textures, lines, styles and tubes.
  • Blondes Creations has a shit-load of plugins and filters all arrainged by letter.
  • The Plugin Site has a decent selection. More on their main page here.
  • Bright Hub offers what they call the 10 best Free Paint Shop Pro Plugins.
  • Mehdi's Free Plugins work on both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. I consider these to be some of the most used by myself and others. He offers Eraser Genuine for erasing only a chosen range of colors, and a Projection Filter to change the angle of view from different perspectives, and Absolute color filter to change the colors of some or all in an image. All those are free along with about 25 others.

    From Freeware:
    CloneZilla (a partition and disk imaging/cloning program).
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