Saturday, October 26, 2013

Common Ground, October 2013 issue [Full PDF Post]

Common ground cover

This is a magazine I’ve just found and I decided to post it to share it.

Inside the Features section of the table of contents lists these articles and more…

6  Doctor  Thierry Vrain GMO Whistleblower
8  GMO or OMG is this the end of real food?
10 Do we need vaccines?
12 GMO Bites
14 Join the Vancouver March Against Monsanto Oct 12th (already  
     missed it, sorry).
20 Healing heart disease with vitamin C and lysine
27 Stop GMO salmon

Also in their Columns section they have departments on Culture, Environment, Health, Organics and Spirituality.

Common ground 1
Here are a couple sample pages to take a peek at.
Common ground 2

View it along with hundreds of others here…
Download the PDF file here…

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