Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kristians Realm

Some quick-links to Kristian's stuff Walt...
This is the older "first" version of Kristians Game Stop..

Wavivu wakati katika chumba cha kuchoka

This one has a funny name and I'm not gonna tell anyone what it means. I will give a few hints though...
  • It's foreign and it does mean something
  • I built it as an experiment and it's supposed to represent a folder on my hard drive.
  • I was hoping Kristian would find a little interest in learning about some other languages (considering that most of the English language has been stolen from other older ones anyway).
  • It's in Swahili.
  • Final hint is Google Translate, LOL
 Kristian's Route 66 Page
This is a games page, with some animations added. I made the animated gifs for Kristian and want to teach him how to do it too.
The theme is Americana. Not because I'm patriotic or anything like that. It's only about the art work.

K r i s t i a n ' s   S t e p p e n W o l f   G a m e s   P a g e .

This is a series game. It's supposed to play as a graduational thing where you have to use thought and decision making processes to reach final outcomes in the levels.
"I think he'll love it.."

Dylan's Game Corner

Mario Brothers and Sonic Section

That's about it for those. I can't seem to get the server to accept any edits on those pages, but I can add more.
Below are 2 movies added by request from Dylan.
Tell Kristian I'll add what he wants for him too and soon when I move these sites (the addresses will stay the same, just on a better server), I'll fix the scripts to make the pages better...
These movies are good, but I named them different names than the original. I did this to keep them off the search engines cause I'm a jerk like that sometimes Bro...

Peace Bro and Blessings, Give both my grandsons big hugs from PaPa and tell yer wife I still love her...
Yer Funk-in-law Dave...

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