Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Rocumentary on Thin Lizzy

This is the 5 star documentary on Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy called "Outlawed: Thin Lizzy And The Real Phil Lynott (2006)". 
The reviews on it come back as highly rated and I myself will be seeing this for the first time in my post. Ordinarily I would download the vid to watch it before posting it but today I am sharing my internet connection with others and due to their usage that option is not possible for me right now.

As usual you can save this vid using the link provided and from there watch it on any avi player (I recommend using  VLC Media Player which is free from the folks at VidLan) or you can stream it here and watch it on my blog if you have the DIVX codec pack installed.


User review from's page:
Compelling story, 4 October 2006
Author: david howard from United Kingdom
Not much is know really about the man Phil Lynott most remember "The Boys Are Back In Town" This is a very well produced show.

This is an amazing recount of the life of Phil Lynott especially the early years; Lynott was a man whose talent is acknowledged universally but whose early life of poverty is less well documented.

We're treated to a rare insight and a remarkably frank interview by his mother Philomena, who speaks fondly of her famous son, ranging from her trauma in the early years to the devastation of finding him close to death just 37 years later; the revelations are incredibly moving and remarkably informative.

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