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Nebraska is #1, or something like that....

Nebraska gets food-stamp bonus: <---*Wink-Wink, Snicker-Snicker, Grin...

I'm wondering what's wrong with that title, that concept, what it tells us all about the real mentality behind the concept. 

I read this maybe more than a week ago and wanted to post it but needed more time to grasp it and really look at the representation, because that's exactly what it is. 

If you don't like that term then call it a production, or a poem. You might even want to call it fishing bait, because it is all of those things above mentioned and even more. 

It's sarcasm for the starving, mockery for the poor and those in need. It's insult on injury and it's praise for the subjugator. 

Just the notion that the need to save on resources as in those that we need to have to survive with like food or access to food would be so great that our own government would use resources worth an even greater value to give as a reward to those who would use every method available to them to deny people of need access to those resources and then brag about it (obviously) to motivate others to follow with the hopes of receiving a similar reward just fucking blows me away. 

When you read this bullshit you should put away all of your selfish pride, forget for a moment what your state in life is and try for a moment to see who these things really effect. Your food costs did not go down because of these tremendous savings. Produce costs went up. 

In the last ten days where I am the price of lettuce went up from $.99 per pound to $1.49 and in local smaller markets $1.99 per pound. That's Over 50% (50.5%) to Over 100% more, Cheese has gone up from $1.29 to $1.69 per 8 ounce package and that's for the economy brand, that by the way equals $2.58 per pound up to $3.38, isn't that just over 31% increase? 

That trend on produce equals a 35% increase in just 10 days or 105% in one month, even worse it could at this rate equal 420% in one year. 

You think that's bullshit? Yea I do too, but what I don't see as bullshit is those prices did go up and they went up on the cheap stuff,  poor peoples basic foods, The staple foods. Potatoes are now over $1 a pound very often. So now we look for reasons, reward for excuses to deny people the ability the little bit of help from the safety net that they, their fathers and grandfathers created for them through through payment of taxes to fund these systems. Taxes not just on wages but taxes on everything from paying an honest bill for an honest service  (Read your tax charts). We all pay not only to use the phones, watch the TV, read a book, drink the water we also pay taxes for the option to do these things and in most cases we pay those taxes even if we don't use them. And now people are being paid $850,986.00 in cash to deny the most people possible access to not money but something worth much less than money. The ability to get only food enough to try to eat well enough to survive off of.   Remember, this is not gas, heating oil, water to bathe in, not toilet paper to clean your ass with or shoes to wear on your feet. It is nothing but a damn card good only for food! 

No man can  be rated by how fair he treats his friends, every man treats his friend well to some degree, but man can be rated by how he treats those among him who he does not know because kindness traded is not kindness given. Also remember that no machine functions well without every single piece of it working together at one point or another even though some of those pieces of that machine cannot or will not ever be seen.

  I was right. I couldn't write about this 10 days ago, still can't tonight either because I see right through it and it pisses me off to no end that the state of Nebraska is one of the wealthiest states in this country and it is being given a frigging pay-off reward for denying the most people food in this country. 


  Following is a story written for punks by a punk with the intent to influence you into believing that people deserve to go hungry and people who support that opinion can expect to be rewarded in some way for adopting that attitude towards those seeking help. 

After you read this do yourself a favor and see how much good it did you to see that these things are being done this way...

Nebraska nets food-stamp bonus Pay-off

By someone called Martha (last name deleted)

It went something like this, but I'm not going to quote it because there is a notice on the original page sayin "Copyright ©2010 Omaha World-Herald®" with some other stuff that means something like this, "We's own dis, you guys can't copy dis cause it's our news an we say so. you aint allowed to rewrite it, publicate it, broadcast it, display it, re-display it, distribute it, redistribute it widdout the permission (consent I think) of us guys at the Omaha World Harold.

But it didn't say nothin about hear-say so I'm hear-sayin it and I'm gonna publish my Hear-say an copywrite it too so they can't copy dis cause it's our news an we say so. you aint allowed to rewrite it, publicate it, broadcast it, display it, re-display it, distribute it, redistribute it widdout my permission or consent in writin here at the FunksRealm an here it is..... [My Funkin' copy, protected by copywrite notice]

Lincoln people say that  Nebraska will get paid off an extra $850,986 in federal bonus Pay-off for what some people refer to as (not a quote, but an interpretation of a quote) for accuracy <--- *grin in  its Federally Funded food assistance program, state officials said Tuesday.
Nebraska  ranked highest in the nation for, as they say "correctly" denying benefits to households  under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known food  stamps. They also claim to be rated as the 5th best for correctly approving benefits, as they say.
(I wonder why the need for the redundant use of the word correctly was needed in the first place, sounds to me like "I did it right, really I did and I even did it right again....", sound like that to you too?
Last  month, the S.N.A.P. program in Nebraska distributed more than $20 million in  benefits and served about 165,500 <--- Wow, that's a whole $120 dollars and 85 cents a person for a whole months food, or  3 whole dollars and 90 cents a day each to eat off of., LOL, brag about two potatoes, 4 ounces of cheese and one whole medium tomato or a half a bag of white rice for each of these 165,500  people, more than half of whom were  older adults and people with disabilities {people who can't afford to complain).
Decisions have not been  made yet as to how to spend the loot money, says Jeanne  Atkinson, she's a well paid (I assume) spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services.


Recent bonuses have been used to expand ACCESSNebraska, a program made to weaken human contact through the public benefits application process by using call  centers, online applications and personal electronic data storage. The Extra likely will probably be used for that program too, she implied or said.

      From: [This page written by these These morons here] <--- they had a share link so I'm sharing their post in the manner offered to me by them and on further note. They sent this to me VIA email. I never asked for it.

      Thank'ya Martha, you teached me a lot about your world and why I'm so glad not to be in any way a part of it!

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