Monday, July 5, 2010

Born Free (1966) and follow-up with a little info...

Born Free was a film from my childhood that I just couldn't wait to see. Mostly because the song Born Free was a hit playing all the time on the crappy old AM radio that I had but partly too because I loved animals and was interested.

My daughter is ten years old and tonight I watched with her a movie called "The Fox And The Child" and it was fantastic, so I spent the last two hours trying to find these to share with her on another night.

I included some info for her to read up a little on this because I know she will and she will enjoy doing it.

Following this will be the info, then the song and then (I hope) both Born Free in full and (I hope) the followup to it called Living Free from 1972, But first some credit where it belongs. The info comes from Wiki's page [here], the site called Born Free, created by Joanna Lumley [here], YouTube hosted the music vid [here] and then StageView for hosting these vids [here].

Born Free (1966) is an Open Road Films Ltd./Columbia Pictures feature film starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers as Joy and George Adamson, a real-life couple who raised Elsa the Lioness an orphaned lion cub to adulthood, and released her into the wilds of Kenya. The screenplay, written by blacklisted Hollywood writer Lester Cole (under the pseudonym "Gerald L.C. Copley"), was based upon Joy Adamson's 1960 non-fictional book Born Free. The film was directed by James H. Hill and produced by Sam Jaffe and Paul Radin. Born Free, and its musical score by John Barry, won numerous awards. More---> here

Save The Tiger

This appeal comes from our hearts. Tigers are ravishing, complex creatures, with intricate lives and a myriad of personalities and life-stories. It would be a disgrace if we allow them to be hunted and persecuted to extinction. I was born in India. The country is my spiritual home and I am utterly imbued with the essence of this glowing, mysterious country. The tiger is India’s very fitting emblem. Help us - help Born Free save the tiger. Dig deep dearest friend, please. Give what you can.
Joanna Lumley, Born Free Founder Patron. More---> here.

Matt Monro - Born Free

Born Free (1966)

Living Free (1972)

Hope you read on a little about Elsa, Joy  & George Adamson because it is a fantastic and true story.

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