Monday, June 14, 2010

Le Hipe Hope

I'm not really a fan of this type of music but I really like the player and the live comments. Not right now but perhaps later I might try and look into more about posting with this player.

This was uploaded originally by  Minimatic on the page [here].

    Le Hipe Hope by Minimatic

After the catchy "YeYe" EP, here comes the 2nd Tour Eiffel Rec.'s release :
a disturbed uptempo 60s boogaloo clashing and mashing this time a Wu Tang Clan acapella, with a french taste...when B-Boys meets the boogaloo !!
from Le Hipe Hope EP (A side)
His MySpace page here.

Released by: Tour Eiffel Rec.
Release/catalogue number: TER002
Release date: Dec 1, 2008

I hope this works out as a post because I didn't spend much time formatting it so that all the artists info would be included in this post.

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