Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robert Crumb through my eyes...

At about age 9 or 10 I discovered the strangeness and uniqueness of Robert Crumb. He became a main focus point in my yearning for art in conception almost instantly. His way as I saw it was to confront stereotypical bullshit in modern being with the extreme representation of what might have been through the mind points of one who totally accepted these unfortunate and misguided members of society who spent their opinions on the slander and prejudicial rantings of those living in complete fear of the awakening of art to the point of confronting the true motivation behind it. He as I said did this to the extreme, but that in my opinion was his form of mockery.

I love the way he mocked those fat bellied perverted fathers who boasted honest virtues while staring down the blouses of their daughters young friends praying for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of an exposed nipple. The fat-daddy John who trolled the streets half blinded with drunkenness searching for one of those sleazy black prostitutes to sample a taste of the disgusting act of congress involved with abusing her sexually, hey and "why not?" If he was to speak so much with such strong opinion about sexuality in those forms shouldn't he have at least some first hand knowledge to go on with anyway? Mister Robert Crumb spent a lot of time insulting those fools and I spent a lot of time learning from him.

Confessions of Robert Crumb.
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Admit it. You LOVED his art, didn't-cha????

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